Diwali Bonanza Blast 2023

Diwali Bonanza Blast 2023

Diwali Bonanza Blast 2023

The festive season is in full swing filling the air with joy and prosperity, and at, Rummy Passion we are determined to make it even more special for you.

Diwali is the season of happiness and abundance, and what could be more joyous than doubling your winnings in the game of rummy? We are excited to announce our exclusive Diwali Bonanza Blast offer, where you can get a spectacular 40% Cash Bonus every day! This offer is available for a limited time only, from November 10th to November 14th, 2023. To avail of the offer, all you have to do is add cash to your Rummy Passion account using the promo code DIWALI.

With the extra cash in your account, you can explore a wide range of rummy games and tournaments. Rummy Passion offers an immersive gameplay experience where you can compete with skilled players and sharpen your rummy skills. This is your golden opportunity to enhance the Rummy experience, leading to huge rewards.

To claim your 40% Cash Bonus at Rummy Passion, follow these simple steps to make the most of this Diwali Bonanza Blast offer.

Step 1: Open Rummy Passion app and log in to your account.

Step 2: Add Cash to your Rummy Passion account with the desired amount during the promotional period from November 10th to November 14th, 2023.

Step 3: Apply promo code DIWALI while depositing to claim your 40% Cash Bonus once every day.

Dive into a world of exciting rummy games and tournaments with your bonus amount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1 What is the “Diwali Bonanza Blast”?

The “Diwali Bonanza Blast” is your opportunity to earn a 40% cash bonus on your deposit once every day during the promotional period from 10th to 14th November 2023.

Q2:How does the offer work?

During the offer period, add cash to your Rummy Passion account using the promo code DIWALI, and receive a 40% Cash Bonus.

Q.3 Who is eligible for this offer?

The Diwali Bonanza Blast is available to all of our valued players who have an active Rummy Passion account. This offer is for all the users, whether they are new or have been with us for years.

Q.4 This offer is valid for how long?

This offer is valid for the entire promotional period, which runs from November 10 to November 14, 2023.

Q.5 Can I claim more than one cash bonus in a day?

The Diwali Bonanza Blast offer can be claimed only once per day per user. You can get a daily cash bonus throughout the promotional period.

Q.6 When and how will I get the Cash Bonus?

After your deposit is confirmed, your cash bonus will be credited to your account immediately.

Q.7 Is there a minimum deposit required to qualify for the Cash Bonus?

Yes, your deposit must reach or surpass the minimum deposit requirement of ₹100 to be eligible for the 40% Cash Bonus.

Q.8 Can I withdraw the Cash Bonus right away?

All cash bonuses can be withdrawn only when they have been converted to withdrawable balances by winning cash games or tournaments.

Q.9 How do I track my bonus progress and usage?

To track your bonus progress and usage, go through your account dashboard.

Step 1: Go to the Burger Menu
Step 2: Click on ‘Bonus Status’
Step 3: Select the ‘Bonus Type’ and ‘Month’

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to enjoy unbeatable savings and an unforgettable Diwali celebration. Join us for thrilling rummy games, amazing bonuses, and endless entertainment. Let the festivities begin, and may your Diwali be filled with laughter and huge wins at Rummy Passion.

See you at the tables!


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