Fall & Rise Cashback

Fall & Rise Cashback

Fall & Rise Cashback

“If You Fall Behind, Run Faster, Never Give Up, Never Surrender, and Rise Against the Odds.”

ENOUGH OF YOUR LOSSES! Yes, we are saying this because we value your money. Rummy Passion’s glory has always contributed to players’ satisfaction, and that comes by not letting them FALL, but by helping them RISE. We know it’s not possible for every player to win on tables of rummy. Here we bring an offer for those who don’t want to incur any losses while enjoying their favourite game. Curious to know? Recharge your batteries, as we know you won’t restrain yourself from making a switch to the site after knowing about this great offer.

Fall & Rise Cashback – To give you the feel of a WINNER, Rummy passion presents Fall & Rise Cashback offer. Players can participate in this thrilling promotion and run their race to become winners. There will be NO FALL, only RISE.

Promotion Details
Name of the Offer Fall & Rise Cashback
Offer Date 11th November 2018
Promotion Day Sunday
Offer Validity 1 Day

Promotion Details

Not every day is the same – especially, in the game of rummy. Sometimes, you have a winning streak and sometimes, you just keep on losing. To not let yourself land in such situations, make use of the savior in hand by participating in the Fall & Rise Cashback offer. The offer is such that even if you lose in cash games on the promotion day, you won’t suffer any loss, instead be on the winning side.

How the offer will work


“25% Cashback Up to Rs 5,000.”

What Will You Do with this Cashback

Very Simple! When you get a cashback, use it to play cash games on the rummy tables. Get ready to witness never-ending fun at Rummy Passion.

Winning Strategies to Stand Apart from Your Rivals

  • For bigger winnings, choose bigger rummy tables and play maximum games to clutch more cashbacks.
  • Also, add a substantial amount to your account, as then you will stand a chance to avail more cashback up to Rs 5,000.
  • Use PAYTM as your payment option to get 100% Match Bonus Up to Rs 1,000. Use Code – MYPAYTM to avail this offer.
  • Friends can get you a whopping referral amount of Rs 5,000. So, Refer a Friend to increase your earnings.
  • Partake in all Promotions lined up in this month to enhance your earnings from rummy games.
  • Customer Support team is available at your service. Call, email or chat with them anytime and receive an answer to your queries.

*For all promotions at Rummy Passion, standard Terms & Conditions of Rummy Passion will be applicable.

Rummy Journey – Rise from the Fall

What’s making you wait? Jump on the tables with this amazing deal in hand and have a blast of entertainment. Waiting to see you at the tables!


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