Friendship Day Ushers in a Brand New Refer a Friend Scheme

Friendship Day Ushers in a Brand New Refer a Friend Scheme

Friendship Day Ushers in a Brand New Refer a Friend Scheme

What would August be without Friendship Day? It’s the happiest day of the year for most of us. Festivities are in the air for all friends young and old. We at Rummy Passion have always cherished friendships because having good friends is the best way to live life. And now we’re giving all our players a golden opportunity to bring their buddies to Rummy Passion We are handing out a very special Refer A Friend bonus scheme to all our players who have friends that share the same passion. We are very excited to tell you all about it, so here it is:

What’s New?

This referral bonus scheme is very simple to follow and the gist of it is that if you refer a friend who joins Rummy Passion, makes a deposit and plays cash games, you will receive up to Rs 5000 bonus per friend.


“Refer Five Friends and Get a Massive Bonus of Rs 25,000 that makes Rs 5000 for each Referred Friend”

Playing Rummy Online is itself a great social activity that gels you with diverse type of individuals. Playing cards is an ancient ritual in a country like ours, where maintaining relationships and balancing the social equilibrium is the utmost priority. Refer a Friend scheme at Rummy Passion is a great rewarding machine and thousands of players are extracting gold from it.

What’s the Process?

Continuing with our approach of keeping things easy for our players, all you will need to do is invite your friends by importing their address list from your email. Alternatively, you can send out emails from your registered email address. Once your mates start playing cash games after receiving your email, our smart technology will let you see the RAF bonus amount you’ve collected so far. This whole process is always transparent to you. This RAF bonus will be vested depending on how much rake your friend contributes. When they begin to play cash games at Rummy Passion, 25% of the rake generated by them will be released into your account as referral bonus till it adds up to Rs 5000.

“The vesting period is 90 Days from the date that your friends register with Rummy Passion”
The more friends you bring, the more bonus you earn. In case Rs 500 comes out to be the total rake contributed by your friend, then Rs 125 will be added to your bonus wallet.

Number of Referrals Referral Bonus Amount
One Rs 5000
Two Rs 10,000
Three Rs 15,000
Four Rs 20,000
Five Rs 25,000

Terms and Conditions

  • To avail RAF bonus all eligibility requirements including verification of Email address must be in order.
  • In order to avail the bonus amount, your friends must play cash rummy games.
  • This bonus is only applicable when the registration takes place with using the hyperlink provided by you in your invitation.

To Sum Up

It doesn’t matter how complex or complicated your life is, a little tap on the shoulder by your friend will suddenly drop your anxiety and you feel a sense of belongingness. India’s most loved Online Rummy site stands for your special bond and has an exciting offer that you and your pals can enjoy together. Yeh dosti hum nahi chhodenge is not just a popular song any more. We’ve given you a great reason to take your friendship to another level. Spend some time with your friends on the real social network and enjoy every bit of it.


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