Grow your Bank Balance with Rummy Passion Welcome Bonus

Grow your Bank Balance with Rummy Passion Welcome Bonus

Grow your Bank Balance with Rummy Passion Welcome Bonus

Winning cash prizes by playing rummy games online can be a lot of fun and very satisfying at the same time. Everyone wants a large cash balance in their bank account. A large bank balance can help us in leading our dream lives – full of luxuries and conveniences. If you are fond of playing cards, and play classic rummy games for a hobby, you can grow your bank balance and be the ‘badshah of entertainment’ too! It’s easy to register at, India’s most loved rummy app. Once you register, it is convenient to make a deposit and claim the amazing Welcome Bonus. Remember, it can be claimed only once. It’s the most attractive bonus and when you use it, you can double your play money, up to Rs 7000. You can play with ease and freedom at the vibrant Rummy Tables and become wealthy in a short period of time.

Bonus Web at Rummy Passion

Rummy Passion provides its players with an exceptional rummy games experience online. This is our motto. We want you to cultivate your love for classic rummy games. As a gesture, we offer fantastic prizes, giveaways and freebies if you participate in our FreeRoll and Cash tourneys. You can claim an awesome amount up to Rs 7000 as a Welcome Bonus gift with your first deposit. This is the best and most genuine bonus any online rummy site has ever offered in India.

The bonus offers have just started at Rummy Passion as this site wants more and more players to join in. We truly believe in providing a great value to our players and are here for the long run. When you pick cash games, you can automatically get a credit of 100% Match bonus with your first payment or deposit up to Rs 2000. In this way you are able to play many more hands of classic rummy games. And of course, the more you play the more cash you can win!

Claim the Top Up Bonus

It does not stop with the Welcome bonus. Next, you can enjoy extra bonus of up to Rs 3000 with your second deposit. Simply recharge your tank with the Top Up bonus and cruise down the road to great riches. When you make your second deposit, you can claim a 50% Match bonus with an maximum limit of Rs.3000 credited towards your account. Just use the bonus code TOPUP when you make your second deposit.

Special Sundays with Sunday PASSION

Sundays are our favourite days of the week. And as a celebration on Sundays, offers its recurring Sunday special bonus. You can claim a mind blowing 10% match bonus up to Rs 1000 by simply using the bonus code “PASSION” when you make any deposit on ANY Sunday of ANY month!

Celebrate Friendship Day Everyday

Rummy Passion values their players’ friendships and loves to entertain them as well. You can earn a referral bonus of Rs 5000 for each friend you refer, so that you can have your own rummycircle of buddy time and share the cake with all of them.

Earning Loyalty Points

We are a rummy operator who believes in the simple idea of “The more you play, the more points you earn!” The Passion Rewards Club is a free scheme, which gives you additional benefits as you earn loyalty points. You can redeem your points for the latest gadgets, dream holidays, exotic jewelry, lucky draws, birthday gifts and movie tickets.


All these bonuses are absolutely real and without any hidden conditions. Claim them and make your money last longer. Using bonuses will give you more chances to win lots of cash at the rummy tables. Wish you a happy Rummy Time


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