IPL Celebration with Rummy Passion

IPL Celebration with Rummy Passion

IPL Celebration with Rummy Passion

IPL 2017 madness is making us insane! For nearly a decade now, the months of April and May have become extra special for the entire country. Cricket is a passion with us Indians and so is 13 card online rummy. We are going to celebrate this fiesta together with some amazing offers for all our players and IPL fans every single day of the season. Get ready! There’s something awesome for every one – everyday.

From 10th to 15th of April, we open our innings with our IPL Celebration where we are inviting you to grab the opportunity to double your deposit.

  • Just make a deposit of any amount during these dates
  • Use Bonus Code IPL 2017
  • Get 100% Match Bonus amount up to Rs 5000 in your account
10/04/2017 TO 15/04/2017 BONUS SCHEDULE
10/04/2017 to 15/04/2017 100% 5000 IPL2017

From 17th April onwards, keep an eye out for daily bonus updates on your mobiles

  • Just make a deposit of any amount on or after April 17, 2017
  • Use Bonus Codes as given in the table below
  • Get 100% Match Bonus amount up to Rs 500 in your account
  • When you make deposits on the semifinal or final dates, you can claim 150% up to Rs 1500 or 200% match bonus up to Rs 5000 respectively
17/04/2017 TO 21/05/2017 BONUS SCHEDULE
17/04/2017 100% 500 DELHI
18/04/2017 100% 500 HYDERABAD
20/04/2017 100% 500 INDORE
21/04/2017 100% 500 KOLKATA
22/04/2017 100% 500 SUNRISE
23/04/2017 100% 500 RAJKOT
24/04/2017 100% 500 MUMBAI
25/04/2017 100% 500 BENGALURU
26/04/2017 100% 500 PUNE
27/04/2017 100% 500 RCB
28/04/2017 100% 500 DAREDEVILS
29/04/2017 100% 500 VIRAT
30/04/2017 100% 500 KINGS
01/05/2017 100% 500 LIONS
02/05/2017 100% 500 DELHI
03/05/2017 100% 500 GIANTS
04/05/2017 100% 500 RAINA
05/05/2017 100% 500 DEVILLIERS
06/05/2017 100% 500 DHONI
07/05/2017 100% 500 KNIGHT
08/05/2017 100% 500 INDIANS
09/05/2017 100% 500 MOHALI
10/05/2017 100% 500 KANPUR
11/05/2017 100% 500 ROHIT
12/05/2017 100% 500 ZAHEER
13/05/2017 100% 500 SUNRISERS
14/05/2017 100% 500 MAXWELL
14/05/2017 to 16/05/2017 150% 1500 SEMI1
17/05/2017 to 19/05/2017 150% 1500 SEMI2
20/05/2017 to 21/05/2017 200% 5000 FINAL

In the recent past, commercialization of the game has attracted multiple investors and given league cricket a colorful and stylish look. From Bollywood stars like Shahrukh Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Preity Zinta to honchos from the corporate world, there is glamour and entertainment galore. There are many similarities between IPL and Online Rummy as both are the ultimate forms of entertainment. Both involve having a good time with your friends and family. Now we’re making it even better for you. We’ve just spiced up online rummy cash games with an extra topping of cricket. We’ve got a marathon promotion during this season of IPL. From 10th April to 21st May 2017, you can enjoy many lucrative Match Bonuses at RummyPassion.com. We are providing a maximum of 200% Match Bonus Up to Rs 5000 on the day of the final match.

Think and Decide

The probability of a favorable outcome during an IPL match is on the lower side as compared to an online rummy battle. Being a player you can control your game based on your rummy strategy and implement your decisions, whereas it isn’t the same when you are a spectator. Indeed, the degree of excitement and thrill is there, but when it’s about returning home with cash, rummy is a better option.

It’s Time for Extra Innings

There are a whole lot of events before the real action begins. The wicked IPL hooter, strategic time out sessions and the famous champion dance together build the house of entertainment. Those three hours of thrill and excitement make summer even hotter. Just like rummy on the web, IPL too has played its part and given a mutual platform to players to showcase their skills. When you are passionate about something, it puts perfection in your work.


The IPL for 2017 won’t be a regular one as India’s most loved online rummy website has just showcased a bumper extravaganza of promotions. Let’s claim these rich promotions and enjoy the most popular games of our country with a kick. See you at the tables!


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