Jackpot Bonus

Jackpot Bonus

Jackpot Bonus

Are you on a lookout for some big jackpot offers this month? If yes, then you are on the right platform – RUMMY PASSION. To add extra dazzle to your rummy enjoyment, we present to you our next exclusive promotion. Check out the details below and participate to HIT THE JACKPOT.

What’s the Offer

JACKPOT BONUS! Yes, this is another super exciting promotion lined up to add some zing to your rummy game. Why not make the most of it? Lakshmi doesn’t knock your door every time. So, be smart enough to not let this opportunity go in the hands of the other person. Instead, GRAB IT!

Name of the Offer Jackpot Bonus
Offer Dates 2nd and 3rd November 2018
Daily Offer for each Player 100% Match Bonus up to Rs 1,000
Total Offer for each Player Rs 2,000 in 2 Days
Bonus Code JACKPOT

How to Grab the JACKPOT BONUS

  • Add money in your Rummy Passion account, use the Bonus Code – JACKPOT and jump onto the rummy tables to play cash games.
  • Use the code – JACKPOT and use both days to claim the bonus offer.
  • The offer will start at 00:00 hrs. on 2nd November 2018 and end at 23:59 hrs. on 3rd November 2018.


You’ve got just two days to make the most of this offer and increase your coffers. So, add money on both days to augment your winnings.

What to Expect from this Offer

1. Rousing Offers with Loaded Advantages 2. Win up to Rs 1,000 a day.
1 Day + 1 Day = Rs 2,000 in 2 Days
3. Convert Your Deposits into Riches 4. Use Skills and Make Good Money

Learn these Secret Tips to Stay Ahead of Your Opponent

Want to inoculate a booster to your money? Go ahead with these secret tips and make the difference in your winnings.

  • Friends are real treasures you have. So, Refer a Friend to Rummy Passion and avail a Referral Bonus of Rs 5,000* for each friend, you bring onboard.
  • Follow the catchphrase “PayTM Karo” and add money to your Rummy Passion account. Use code – MYPAYTM and get a 100% Match Bonus Up to Rs 1,000.
  • Take a challenge and pit your rivals in rummy games via current Promotions. Participate in every promotion, and you’ll never fall short of money.
  • In case, you wish to speak to our Customer Support professionals, call, email or chat and they will assist you in the best possible way.

NOTE: *Bonus Terms & Conditions apply to all promotions that take place at Rummy Passion website. To avoid any inconveniences, we always advise you to go through them carefully.

In a Nutshell


This is an opportunity for those who want to outwit their rivals and steer ahead of them. If you are one among them, STEP UP, MOVE to rummy tables and FEEL the excitement of the game. And of course, win some REAL MONEY. Go Play!


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