Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD (March 13)

Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD (March 13)

Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD (March 13)

Hey Rummy Buffs! Since spring is the season to be jolly, we believe that it’s an ideal time to relish the much-awaited season with a mind-blowing session of Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD tournament. Hop onto the Deals tables on March 13, 2021, at 11 AM and seize some massive cash rewards. It’s an opportunity with purpose, so show your love and passion for rummy by outfoxing your rivals at the tables. Register Now to confirm your slot.

Tournament Specifics

Freeroll Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD
Prize Pool Rs 1 Lakh
Entry Fee Free
Tournament Start Time March 13 (2nd Saturday), 11 AM
No of Players 7,500

All You Need to Know about the Mega Jackpot Tournament

  • Free Gateway to Seize Cash Rewards – True indeed! Partake in the tournament without paying any entry fee. The only condition is to register as soon as the registration window opens, since the number of seats are limited.
  • Master Deals Rummy – Since all tournaments are held on Deals Rummy tables, including the Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh tournament, make sure you are well-versed with the game rules.
  • Nothing to Lose, Only Wins – Do you know what entices players the most to participate in the Mega Jackpot Tournament? It’s free entry for everyone. Yes, you can freely participate in the tournament, and no amount will be deducted from your Rummy Passion account. Play for free to grab some great cash rewards.

Eligibility for New Players

If you are New to Tournaments, keep these points in mind before deciding to partake in the tournament:

  • Verify your Email ID and Mobile Number.
  • Make sure, you’ve made a one-time deposit in your Rummy Passion account and have played at least one cash game on any cash game table.
  • Since prior booking is required, make sure you have booked your seat for the tournament beforehand. In this scenario, go to the game lobby and register for the Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD tournament.

Basic Requirements for Existing Players

To take part in the Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD, you need to follow the below steps.

  • Step 1 – Login to your Rummy Passion account from your device.
  • Step 2 – Under ‘FREEROLL’ tournament option, register to the Mega Jackpot Lakh 1 GTD.
  • Step 3 – Once you Register, a pop-up will appear – ‘Do You Want to Join this Tournament?’ Click on ‘Yes’ to complete the registration process.

Points to Ponder

  • While registering to the tournament, if the seats are filled, the status will appear as ‘FULL’. It simply means you can’t participate in the tournament.
  • Since the demand for this tournament is high, it’s advised to register as soon as the window opens, and get your slot confirmed.
  • The registration window for the tournament always closes 5 minutes before the start time of the game.
  • All tournament games are played on Deals Rummy table and not Points Rummy or Pools Rummy tables.
  • Also, you can quit from the tournament 5 minutes before the start of the competition.
  • If you win, the amount will be credited directly to your Rummy Passion account.

To Wrap Up

We at Rummy Passion have pledged to thrill you with rewarding cash worth lakhs of rupees. If this is all you wanted, go ahead and book your slot on time. Also, brush up your skills, before you finally make up on the Deals tables.


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