Nonstop Fun with Online 13 Card Rummy Games!

Nonstop Fun with Online 13 Card Rummy Games!

Nonstop Fun with Online 13 Card Rummy Games!

Online gaming portals where you can have nonstop fun and get chances to win cash awards are now a reality. Online and Mobile Card games can be very entertaining. Playing 13 card rummy games online is an activity which allows you and your friends to experience thrilling moments without stepping out of your home. When you win, the excitement gets multiplied as your skill gets the accolades it deserves.

13 Card Rummy Online

Rummy Passion is a fresh and new website where we offer smooth games in a beautiful ambience. We offer a safe, legal and secure environment where genuine players meet each other at the tables. As a player you can select a fun avatar from our options and play at over 98 live tables. And it doesn’t stop at the tables!

Even more fun awaits you with our Freeroll and Cash Tournaments, which are held at convenient times throughout the day and night. What is special about these tournaments is that they range from Rs. 1,000 guaranteed prize win to Lacs. Many players opt for the smaller tournaments because it is not very time consuming and the final results are quick. Jackpot 1K Tournaments are becoming very popular and over 200 players participate every day just in these!

Rummy on your Laptop

When you log into the Rummy Passion website, you can instantly play the game of your choice on a multiplayer table. You don’t need to download any software. Just choose between Cash games, Free games and Tournaments and you will reach the lobby of that section. Select a table that you wish to play at, click to “join” and play online rummy games with us. If you want to download our software, you can do that too. Many players do this because they don’t want to go into the browser to play every time. Downloading gives you the fastest access to the game section.

Our table arrangements are of two types – those that accommodate 2 players and those that accommodate 2 to 6 players.

Rummy on your Smartphone

You are no longer restricted to your home if you want to play some amazing games with our mobile rummy. You can be on the go and access Indian rummy games when you want to. Our game software is designed to minimally use the battery even if you play for a very long duration. Mobile players enjoy uninterrupted gaming on their phones.



Indian rummy games are becoming very popular amongst the masses. Playing rummy online is entertaining and is a great social activity. When you play consistently, you will be able to take advantages of the benefits of joining Rummy Passion like free entry to tournaments, Passion Rewards Club, VVIP services, exciting weekly bonuses and many festival specials. Join us today for nonstop fun. Once you play with us, you’ll know the difference!


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