Now Get Rs 15,000 for Referring your Rummy Circle of Friends

Now Get Rs 15,000 for Referring your Rummy Circle of Friends

Now Get Rs 15,000 for Referring your Rummy Circle of Friends

The Refer a Friend scheme at Rummy Passion just got a lot more rewarding. So many players are taking advantage of it and there’s no reason why you should be left out. There’s nothing in the entire cosmos more prized than finding true friends. Having a house with all your mates around is a grand way to spend a weekend and when you can play together; the whole sketch takes an exhilarating new form. Join hands with India’s most loved online rummy site and take home a mind-boggling amount of Rs 15,000 for bringing your rummy circle of friends to Rummy Passion.

A to Z of our Refer and Earn Program

It’s so easy to invite your friends. With just a few steps, you can import your friend address list from your email or send out emails from your registered email address. Once your friend receives your invite, they have to register and start playing cash games. Our smart technology lets you see the RAF bonus that you’ve collected from the My Account section on our website.

Get Rs 2000 for each friend you refer to Rummy Passion. Refer five friends and get Rs 10000 plus Rs 5000 Extra for a total of Rs 15000.

This is the most exciting thing happening on the Internet right now and it involves you, your friends and online rummy. RAF (Refer a Friend) is the singularly most exciting promotion in the native place of online card games. We are bringing and adding additional benefits to the current hot schemes. If you hear this story for the first time, you will get impressed and will surely want to be a part of this scheme.

What’s the Deal

You will get Rs 2,000 for every friend you refer. This referral bonus will be vested depending on how much rake your friends contribute. When your referred friend begins to play cash games at Rummy Passion, 25% of the rake generated by him or her will be released into your account as referral bonus till it adds up to Rs 2000. For example, if the total rake contribution by your five friends comes out to be Rs 1000 then Rs 250 from the bonus amount will be added to your kitty. The vesting period is 90 days from the date that your friends register with Rummy Passion. In case you refer five friends, you will get Rs 5,000 extra cash bonus which you can immediately take to the game tables. Amazing, isn’t it?

Here’s a tabular description for the Refer a Friend Bonus offer:

Number of Referrals Referral Bonus Amount
One Rs 2000
Two Rs 4000
Three Rs 6000
Four Rs 8000
Five Rs 10,000 + 5,000 Cash Bonus

Rummy Passion will act as a wingman for all the champs out there. The more friends you bring to our tables, the more bonus you earn.

Terms and Conditions

  • The RAF Bonus will expire in 90 calendar days from the date of the first deposit by your referred friend
  • The bonus amount is only applicable when your friends register and play cash rummy games at Rummy Passion.
  • Your referred friend or friends must meet all mandatory requirements

To Sum Up

This monsoon, let’s dance to the rummy beats with your friends and share the passion with them. Register now and claim this fabulous bonus. Party with your friends and make your experience come alive. See you at our vibrant tables!


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