PayTM Promotions at Rummy Passion

PayTM Promotions at Rummy Passion

PayTM Promotions at Rummy Passion

This offer has expired w.e.f. 21st Sep 2020.

As India becomes a digital economy the majority of financial transactions will get conducted with the help of ewallets. The convenience and speed of cashless transactions are two major benefits and now Rummy Passion is adding a third exciting benefit – a fantastic promotion for all PayTM users.

What’s the Deal

The mantra is Go Cashless Go Digital, the world has embraced it and multiple industries have incorporated it as well. We are on the path to achieving our mission of making India a true rummy nation and setting high standards for providing the best digital gaming experience to players. Going cashless is certainly on our checklist.

“Maximum Gaming without Complications”

Now the happy days are here to stay. The most exciting promotion just showed up at your doorstep. From now on we are offering a 100% Match Bonus up to Rs 1000 in your Rummy Passion account when you deposit using bonus code MYPAYTM. Remember to enter the bonus code while depositing.

What’s More

Prosperity and honesty are proportional variables in any business and being in the cash gaming industry, we cannot compromise on them. Offering bonuses and promotions are a part of how we make our players feel special. Here is some handy info for you.

  • While depositing, use bonus code MYPAYTM to get 100% match up to Rs 1000
  • Only one PayTM account per promotion is valid
  • Single claim per offer per account
  • There is no end date for these promotions*

Digital is the Future

This digital yug has done a lot for us in terms of health, teaching, business and entertainment. Who would have thought about Electronic Payments for paying mobile bills or buying groceries at Wal-Mart. Technology has tremendously improved our horizon, precisely in making things way simpler and faster. There were days, when telegram or money orders were an important means of communication as they helped us to complete financial transactions. Fast forwarding a few years and here we are sitting in our workplace, with just a swipe on your smartphone you can literally book an airline ticket, order a pizza, plan a vacation to Goa and also try out your hands on India’s most loved card games i.e. online rummy.


There are some amazing promotions coming up in this season with insane bonus packages. Stay with us as the train has just started. See you at the tables!

*Rummy Passion reserves the right to change or cancel terms of this promotion at anytime at its discretion.


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