September Surprise Cash Back

September Surprise Cash Back

September Surprise Cash Back

Not all your days will be the same. A day of sadness and another of happiness. A day of profit and another of loss. That’s the test of life.’- Mufti Ismail Menk

But these words don’t always hold true.

Grass will always be green if you play at Rummy Passion. Why? It’s because we are going to ensure the safety of your deposit!

Play without any worry on particular days in September. If you lose on the promotion days, you can claim refund amounting to 25% of your promotion day deposit*.

Could there be anything better? Secure your money with the September Surprise Cash Back at

So, play to your heart’s content, for we are here to assist you.

Have a Glance at the Calendar Below to Know the Dates for September Surprise Cash Back:

september surprise

*Cash Back up to Rs 5000

As with other promotions, standard Bonus Terms and Conditions of Rummy Passion will be applicable.

What are you waiting for? It’s the ultimate time to relax and enjoy by diving into the fun pool of Online Rummy Games at Rummy Passion!

Be it any game, PointsPool, or Deals Rummy, have a blast of head-on entertainment.

Stay tuned, for we’ll be back with more amazing offers for you!


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