Terrific Tuesdays Cash Back on Points Rummy

Terrific Tuesdays Cash Back on Points Rummy

Terrific Tuesdays Cash Back on Points Rummy

If you love playing Classic Rummy Games, you know there are several variations of this card game that you can opt for. Most Indian rummy players like to play just one of the three variations. It is for such players that Rummy Passion has come out with a bonus exclusively for Points Rummy enthusiasts. See the benefits you can derive from it and step into the world of immeasurable fun.

Cash Back on Points Rummy

You will get a Cash Back of Rs 300 when you play at least 10 cash games on the Rs 10 points rummy table at Rummy Passion. It’s that simple. To claim the offer, you will need to:

  • Play on Rs 10 Points Rummy table
  • Play a minimum of 10 games
  • Play on any Tuesday
  • Play on your computer or mobile
  • Get Rs 300 cash back no matter what the outcome of the games

What is it about points rummy that separates it from all the other types? Amongst the classic rummy games, players are more inclined towards points rather than pool or deals games. And this clearly makes it a preferred choice. This variation is absolutely simple to learn because of the uncomplicated scoring involved. It is a fairly straight play which lasts only about 3 – 4 minutes per game on a two player table.

“Get a Cash back of Rs 300 by Playing 10 or more Cash Games on Rs 10 Points Rummy Table every Tuesday”

Winning and losing are two extreme ends of the game. Indeed, winning is sweet, but you can always contain loses to neutralize their bitterness. With this generous promotion, you have the freedom to explore and enjoy this beautiful game with a free mind.

Is there anything more?

We’ve decorated this whole promotion by keeping the player’s interest in our minds. All the T&C are drafted in a simplest manner with maximum benefit to the customers. Since day one we have been focused on the quality of our services and have worked on presenting the games in the best possible manner. Providing amazing welcome bonuses, regular promotions and informative articles has helped us in connecting with you in a better manner. All the promotions that we put out are a result of an extensive study and research. Here’s a quick recap.

Bonus Type Cash Back
Bonus Offer Bonus Offer Play 10 or more Rs 10 Points cash games and get Rs 300 cash back
Bonus Code Not Required
Validity Every Tuesday

To Summarize

The feeling of fulfillment is something special. Online rummy is the battleground of warriors with a sharp sword of skills and mathematics that can allow you to write a winning song. At Rummy Passion, we believe that everyone deserves to win; it is not the domain of just some. So come join us on any Tuesday and claim your cash back at our 10 rupee points tables!


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