The Week of Fortune

The Week of Fortune

The Week of Fortune

On Popular Demand, The Week of Fortune is back at Rummy Passion! Keep your gadgets ready and supercharge your mind to clutch big wins! Join ‘The Week of Fortune’ from August 5 to 11 and win big each day. Hurry, up to 1 Cr to be won, GRAB your share Now! Let’s unfold some details about the week-long offer.

AUG 5 HAPPY HOURS (1+1%) Deposit & Get 10% Cash Back Up to Rs 10,000 by NEFT
AUG 6 PLAY (1+1+1)
AUG 7 WIN BOOSTER Use Code TGIF & Get 40% Match Bonus Up to Rs 4,000
AUG 8 WIN (1+2+3)
AUG 9 PLAY (1+1+1) ON VIP TABLES Use Code PASSION & Get 25% Match Bonus Up to Rs 5,000

AUG 5 – Happy Hours (1+1%)

Happy Hours Are Back to Double Your Happiness! Play cash games between 5 PM to 10 PM on any cash table and get 1% Cashback on your entry fee. Also, grab 10% Cash Back Up to Rs 10,000 on your deposits made via NEFT.

AUG 6 – Play (1+1+1)

Keep Up the Pace and Let the Wind of Cash Flow into Your Account! Join the league of most competent players at Rummy Passion tables, play cash rummy games, each of Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy and win Rs 50.

AUG 7 – Win Booster

Let the Win Booster Spin for You! Play and win 10 cash games on 6 Player Table and in return, win a whopping amount of Rs 100. Wait! It’s not over yet. Deposit using the code TGIF and Get 40% Match Bonus Up to Rs 4,000.

AUG 8 – Win (1+2+3)

The Competition is Soaring at India’s Most Loved Rummy Site! After splendid days of excitement, here comes another challenge for you. Play and Win 1 Pool Rummy Game on any 6 Player Table, 2 Deals Rummy Games (Any), and 3 Points Rummy Game on any 6 Player Table to get Rs 150.

AUG 9 – Play (1+1+1) on VIP Tables

Cast Your Eyes on Big Wins Today! Play each of Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, and Deals Rummy on VIP Marked Tables, and in return, Win Rs 200. What’s more? Utilize the Sunday Passion Bonus to get Get 25% Match Bonus Up to Rs 5,000. Use Code PASSION to seize the offer.

AUG 10 – Play More, Get More

It’s Time to Grace the Tables with Your Passion and Skills! Play any set number of games, mentioned in the table below and win a fixed amount. For example, if you played 100 games, then the amount you would win will be FLAT Rs 500. Play with utmost devotion and let success kiss your feet!

25 Rs 50
50 Rs 150
75 Rs 300
100 Rs 500

AUG 11 – Play More, Get More (on VIP Tables)

Tables are all set for the last day of the competition! Just like the previous day, play any set number of games on the VIP Marked Tables and win a pre-set amount, as shown in the table below. For example, playing 75 Cash Games will get you FLAT Rs 3,000. Now that’s Online Rummy at its Best.

25 Rs 500
50 Rs 1,500
75 Rs 3,000
100 Rs 5,000

Fortunes Are as Big as Your Passion! Claim Your Reward Now!

Heartiest Congratulations to all those who made it big through the last month’s ‘The Week of Fortune.’ Yet again, Rummy Passion tables are set for all those who want to play to their heart’s content in the upcoming week-long challenge. Focus on the gameplay and let success make the noise!

Terms & Conditions

  • The minimum fee to participate in the “Happy Hours” is Rs 100. The winning amount would be rounded off the next multiple of Rs 10. For instance, if a player is eligible for a Cash Bonus of Rs 708, the amount of Rs 710 will be credited in their Rummy Passion account.
  • While participating in the “Play More, Get More” offer, a player needs to play with entry fee greater than or equivalent to Rs 50 to become eligible for the offer.
  • The winning amount will be credited into players’ account the next day.
  • A player should be at least one-time depositor at Rummy Passion to claim the offer.
  • Also, all participating players must get their KYC verified to get their winning amount.
  • Players can only claim each offer only once.
  • The decision of the management will be final and binding in case of any dispute.
  • All standard Rummy Passion’s Bonus Terms and Conditions apply.

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