Win Rs 1 Lac in November Mania at Rummy Passion

Win Rs 1 Lac in November Mania at Rummy Passion

Win Rs 1 Lac in November Mania at Rummy Passion

Come one, come all and grab your share of a prize purse worth Rs 1,00,000. Kick-start November with amazing games at India’s most loved online rummy site, Rummy Passion. Simply play and win as much as you can from 6th to 10th November. You can win cash back based on where you stand in your Passion Rewards Club Tier leaderboard ranking on 11th November.

November Mania Leaderboard Winners

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners (marked in bold in the table below). It is a privilege to have all of you at India’s most loved rummy site. Be on the lookout for more exciting promotions at Rummy Passion.

Rank Black Platinum Gold Silver
1 vit1987 nani1122 Akshaya23 Wolverine
2 soujanya vigneshteam md786 RockStarZ
3 Krishna356 srinu6006 Tulasiramu24 pandu225
4 Hitler ramee86 sucess99 laxmiram188
5 DHAR nagnand shishir8055 manoj888
6 chinna372 kingqa a1b2c3d4
7 vani59 vsr1050 CCBN
8 alp1978 ssagi mohananmr
9 porush18 pawanpa rajassrv3
10 SP3791 slmns123 kathpalamit
11 svarma stunkarthik
12 Reddy3738 artsundar88
13 aakash1994 sathish19
14 anupwasnik Everwin12
15 kalyan14323 san_hpc
16 Krishnareddy santosh0523
17 afru rangulavijay
18 sk9091 MVDNV
19 NAG_VASU pavan1431990
20 gopalasw09 KING123
21 tdp12345 Shaikabr1999
22 Jay1ida aasish4112
23 Kbn12345 Kollesan
24 Krishnakittu tushar56789
25 RAGHUN masu2825
26 naresh955030
27 shaikshanu
28 krishnma
29 saravanan432
30 velu007
31 kamap30
32 Dayanidhi298
33 bharaniking
34 maria
35 pk519


Promotion Period – 6th to 10th November, 2017


Top 48 rummy gladiators who win their respective Tiers will be awarded cash prizes based on their Tier wise Leaderboard ranking on 11th November as per the table below.

Offer Play and win as much as you can from Nov 6 – Nov 10 and win a share of Rs 1,00,000 in cash
Offer validity period 6th – 10th Oct
Total prize money up for grabs Rs 1,00,000 cash
Black Tier Players Winner to get Rs 10,000, and first and second runner up to get Rs 6,250 each
Platinum Tier Players 5 winners to get Rs 4,500 each
Gold Tier Players 15 winners to get Rs 2,000 each
Silver Tier Players 25 winners to get Rs 1,000 each
Leaderboard updates Leaderboard to be updated every day
Winner announcement 11th November by 1 pm


Please note that the cash back you win as part of November Mania will be subject to normal playing requirements for withdrawal. Also note that tier levels as of 1st November will be considered for this promotion.

TIPS – To ensure your place in the leaderboard, play as many games as you can. The more you play, the more you win, and the more are your chances to grab your share of the Rs 1,00,000 prize amount. Do check the leaderboard daily to ensure your place on it. So play every day to maintain your position during the promotion period.

Leverage the NEFT promotion (5% cash back up to Rs 5,000 on deposits) on Wednesday to maximize your chances of winning the November Mania competition. Use the TGIF bonus code on Friday to add more funds on the last day to your Rummy Passion account and use the extra money to help you in your rummy competition in November Mania.

All the best for your favourite game!


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