Shoutout to the Winners of March 2024

Shoutout to the Winners of March 2024

Shoutout to the Winners of March 2024

As the vibrant hues of March give way to the blossoming beauty of April, we at Rummy Passion take a moment to honor the skillful players who have emerged victorious in the thrilling world of online rummy.

March was a month of intense competition, with players from across the country vying for the top spot in various rummy variants. The strategic depth of Points Rummy, the endurance test of Pool Rummy, and the dynamic nature of Deals Rummy have all seen champions rise from the ranks.

Table of Contents

A)Top Winners in Points Rummy

B)Top Winners in Pool Rummy

C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Join us in congratulating our March winners and stay tuned for more action-packed rummy experiences.

A) Top Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 baba7779 5,481
2 Chanchateer 4,271
3 89833a8g6ZGr 4,107
4 Rsp3800 3,209
5 Rider001 3,014
6 96237wxIIfB9 2,811
7 di0609ne 2,697
8 BanduMore 2,516
9 Ganesh1009 2,440
10 63517MPmSgkp 2,196


B) Top Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 93267rZz1LDs 394
2 Shankarvitth 386
3 8080595475k 376
4 jaishreeb 352
5 rajusalam123 334
6 Royernakulam 312
7 Dineshgudha 300
8 88300DkG7ltO 298
9 Mahalingam. 264
10 95917fIkGVFl 261


C) Top Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Won
1 mithu26rose 989
2 Ganapati1435 721
3 Bella77 583
4 MssM007 582
5 Muthurathina 574
6 90796wQXUUZu 558
7 879240a7jfH6 553
8 Dxb2022 516
9 78717sC759vx 492
10 89253JXw7nKu 487


Summing up

As we step into April, the spirit of competition remains undiminished. New challenges await, and new champions will rise. So, shuffle the deck and ready your best moves – the game is on!

See you at the tables!


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