Diving Into The Players’ Perspective About Online Rummy Games

Diving into the Players’ Perspective about Online Rummy Games

Diving Into The Players’ Perspective About Online Rummy Games

The craze about online rummy has been growing in recent years, with players forever eager to compete and prove their mettle at the vibrant game tables. Online Rummy is a thrilling card game, highly renowned for the stimulating experience it provides to players. That’s a reason why it rules the hearts of almost every gamer in the nation. Today, there’s a wide array of websites and applications that offer the Indian rummy game online. Rummy Passion ranks foremost in the online rummy industry with over 50 lakh active players. These include some of the renowned rummy pros in India who have set many records of their excellence in cash games and tournaments.

With many new players registering at the tables and often enquiring about the secrets to success in online rummy, we decided to share what our veteran players have to say about the game. We interviewed some of our top players, and here’s what they had to say about their experience with online rummy.

Q1. The popularity of online rummy has been rising unwaveringly, especially since it provides an opportunity to gain skills and win cash rewards. What are your views on this?

In India, the 13-card classic rummy game has formed an integral part of our tradition, with no occasion deemed complete without playing a session of rummy. We’ve all grown up attuned to playing the game in almost every social gathering. In fact, historical evidence suggests rummy being a common mode of entertainment during the Great Depression and World War 1 when people sought inexpensive methods of entertainment. Today, when everything is being digitalised, tech-savvy youth prefer to play online games, especially those that help enhance skills. It is a primary reason why online rummy is much in vogue these days. It provides variety, the choice to play according to convenience, a competitive edge and most of all, alluring cash rewards – all in all, everything that people today seek in a game, apart from the entertainment factor. Rummy is no longer just a sport of picking and dropping cards; it’s about proving one’s mental prowess at the tables.

Our players shared several stories of how playing the game helped them to win cash rewards, which contributed towards saving, or fulfilling a long-time wish. Some others commended on its skill-enhancing characteristics that helped them become much more productive in their personal and professional lives. Murlidhar, a player, stated, “Playing online rummy for me is like riding a roller-coaster. There are many ups in the form of victories and cash rewards, but there are also times when you take a plunge when an opponent defeats you. Both these situations have valuable lessons to teach, and I make sure not to get too excited or disappointed by the outcome of my games.” It’s this passion for rummy, the thrill of being able to enjoy a game whenever one desires, and the opportunity to gain something each day that makes online rummy a popular sport today.

Q2. How would You describe Online Rummy to a commoner to spark their interest in the Game?

Online Rummy is not much different than playing the 13-card game with real cards, except that it offers a much greater competitive edge to players, with the opportunity to gain new skills. People are now beginning to recognise rummy for what it actually is, i.e., an utterly skill-based game. As an outcome, many more players are joining the vibrant tables to enhance their mental prowess. In response to this question, all our rummy pros responded with a similar answer: how the game has helped them enhance their productivity while being a great stress-buster. Strategic decision making, patience, enhanced observation power, people-reading ability, quick calculations and effective time management are few skills that online rummy players gain at the vibrant game tables. Mr Abhijeet Chandan, a player, quoted online rummy perfectly,”if you are someone who continuously strives to enhance their skills in an entertaining manner, online rummy should be your go-to game.”

Q3. What does it feel like when competing against hundreds in rummy tournaments?

Although our players are quite competitive on the cash game tables, there is an unmatched thrill amongst them when competing at the tournaments. The rummy tourneys are known for their intense challenges, where, as a player, you can’t determine beforehand the expertise of your opponents. Most of our players compared Rummy Tournaments to national-level examinations, where examinees are aware of much more experienced and highly skilled competitors. Despite that, they don’t let doubts cloud their minds and continually motivate themselves to give their best, even though the odds aren’t in their favour. The same principle applies to rummy tournaments, where on the one hand, you may be nervous on the inside but still must keep putting your best foot forward to become the tournament champion.

Q4. Who is your inspiration while playing rummy? Which of their traits motivate you to keep doing better?

This question had a wide variety of answers from our players, some quoting famous sportspersons while others were citing their idols. But the most common response we received was a ‘Mother.’ The players cited how their own mothers and even their wives inspired them to play the game with passion while making the most of every situation. Mothers are often the biggest inspiration for any child, with every kid looking up to their mothers for guidance whenever something goes awry. Like mothers are passionate about doing what’s the best for us, our players allow their passion to drive them on the tables without getting deterred by the hurdles. A player quoted, “My mom’s well-known for her cooking. She experiments a lot with new dishes and loves trying out new recipes by watching them on YouTube. Like her, I, too, frequently watch YouTube videos or read up on the latest tricks and rummy strategies and practice them well before implementation on the game tables.”

While another player shared that managing his money and timing on the game tables is what his mother had taught him best. Being a sole-bread earner with three kids, she was an expert in both these skills. He further said that he owes a majority of his success on the game tables to his mom, who taught him the skills and benefits of persistence, time and money management at a very young age.

Q5. What is your preferred method of playing Rummy – Online or Live? How’s one different from the other?

This question garnered many interesting answers from our players. Although most of them vouched for online rummy, yet some still showed an avid interest in the traditional method of playing the game. Anjali, one of our newest players, stated that she has always played her favourite rummy games with real cards. Unable to find many interested players nowadays, she had reluctantly switched to the online version after being introduced to Rummy Passion by her youngest son. She further shared that although she’s been having a great time at the online tables so far, yet still misses playing it the old-fashioned way while simultaneously conversing with her friends and teasing each other on careless moves.

Many players instantly vouched for the digital version being their preferred means to play rummy while stating the various perks of playing online. These included the ease of playing anytime -anywhere, quick access to a variety of rummy games, cash rewards for winners, and the amazing rummy tournaments. In the words of a passionate rummy player, “I love playing online rummy at Rummy Passion since I can easily enjoy a game or two whenever I want, or test out my skills at the Tournament tables.” Another player shared, “There are a lot of promotions and interesting offers at Rummy Passion, which adds to the fun of playing my favourite game online.” One of our players shared something unique, “I used to love playing rummy with my childhood friends, but with time, we all have gone our ways, migrating to different cities. After joining Rummy Passion, the first thing I did was refer my friends to this app. And now, from time to time, we keep challenging each other for a tournament or compete to find out who is able to win the maximum games in a day. It’s helped us to reconnect due to our common love for rummy once again.”

Q6. What would be your take on Rummy in India as compared to that on a Global Level?

Rummy is one game that’s a common means of entertainment in Indian families for many generations. Be it marriages, club meetings, kitty parties, family time in the evenings, or any other social gathering, rummy has always been the preferred mode of entertainment. The tactics and strategies to play the game literally run in our blood, making Indians the best rummy players worldwide. In fact, Indians constitute about 70% of rummy players throughout the world. In India, no occasion feels complete without a rummy session; globally, the game is merely treated as just another means of entertainment. There are about 22 variations of rummy around the world, differing from one region to another. Gin rummy is often a favourite in the West, whereas people prefer playing Shanghai rummy in China. Other variants of the game include Celebes Rummy, 21 Rummy, 10-card Rummy, Canasta, Rummikub, Oklahoma Rummy, Kalooki Rummy, Persian Rummy, Dummy Rummy and Contract Rummy.

The game is immensely popular in India, especially in the Southern region, where it has become an innate part of their culture and tradition. That is why the subcontinent’s version of the game – Indian Rummy has further variants and sub-variants that the players enjoy immensely. Globally, rummy is a common sport across Europe, The US, China, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Jamaica.

Q7. How do you manage time between personal responsibilities, work and playing Online Rummy?

“The biggest perk about playing rummy online is that I can enjoy a game or two whenever I wish to. The office breaks, ride home in the metro, and when my family is engrossed in TV are the times when I definitely play rummy. Other than that, whenever I need to destress quickly, a game at Rummy Passion is all I need,” says Mr Anthony, one of our passionate players.

Efficient time management is a vital skill required to excel in online rummy. And when you love something from deep down your heart, it doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is, you find time to follow your passion. But this doesn’t mean that you begin evading your other responsibilities. Rummy is a game that you can enjoy best only when you follow responsible gaming practices. It means that your gaming habits shouldn’t interfere with your day-to-day life, and you can efficiently manage your work and entertainment schedule.

To Sum it Up

All in all, our rummy players only had positive things to share about their experience at the vibrant tables. And why shouldn’t that be? The game in itself is so interesting. Add in the mix of our fabulous tournaments, exciting rummy promotions, and cash rewards, and it makes the experience the epitome of thrill and unending entertainment. We are sure our readers might have learnt a lot from our players’ experiences and will put them to good use while they play. If you love playing rummy and wish to use your skills to win big, get the Rummy Passion App now, and start practising to become the next rummy champ.

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