Grant These Permissions To Rummy Passion Mobile App For Safe Game

Grant these Permissions to Rummy Passion Mobile App for Safe Game

Grant These Permissions To Rummy Passion Mobile App For Safe Game

The emergence of Online Rummy on Smartphones has led to its popularity, taking a quantum leap. Millions of new users join rummy websites every day via their mobile phones and tablets. Though there are broad options for players to choose their desired rummy app, the Rummy Passion Mobile App excels in the domain to surpass all others. The site has been receiving a commendable response for offering a novel front to the game on both Desktop and Smartphones.

If you brace up to experience the mobile app and its services, you will first need to understand the prerequisites of playing Online Rummy Games on Smartphones. Downloading the game on your mobile won’t be complex, but you may be asked for some permissions before you actually become a registered player at the site. These permissions are just like what other mobile applications ask you for at the time of joining. You have to agree with the ‘Terms of Service,’ to complete your registration process at the site.

Why there’s a Necessity to Seek Permissions?

To promote ethical gaming countrywide, Rummy Passion strives to take measures to ensure fair gaming, and maintain integrity. The permissions asked are just to make sure that players follow the best gaming practices and don’t swerve from the site’s ‘Terms of Service.’ Here is a checklist to feed in your mind while registering at Rummy Passion, via the mobile app or otherwise:

  • ❖ As an accountable gaming site, Rummy Passion ensures every player of the country gets the desired gaming services. However, a few states like Assam, Odisha and Telangana have prohibited users from playing rummy games. So, when players choose a table to Play Cash Games and then, further at the time of adding cash, the site asks them to turn on their device location. It will ensure they don’t fall under the restricted area.
  • ❖ Also, during the signup process at the site, players will be requested to provide their personal information such as their name, email address, age, phone number, postal address, etc. Additionally, this information will help the site to verify the player’s bank account. These details are required to ensure that a genuine player is registering to the site.
  • ❖ Rummy Passion seeks permission from its rummy players to access their system activities. This is to ascertain that they are playing fair games and not using any malicious software/s for unfair gaming practices or to some other advantage.
  • ❖ There are a few players who hold gaming platforms responsible for their loss of money if they suffer any defeat. Since rummy is a game based on skills and winning & losing depends solely on the player’s performance, it makes no sense to hold the site answerable for the loss incurred. While agreeing to the ‘Terms of Service’ at the time of registration, a player accepts that s/he understands and is aware of the gaming features and services and have no dispute to it. Also, he/she gets to know that he/she is not authorized to transfer cash from his/her account to another player’s account.
  • ❖ Besides, Rummy Passion also seeks permission from its players to send notifications. It is crucial for any player since they will receive important information regarding the game such as any Change in Terms of Service, New Promotions, Tournaments, Updating the App, etc. It will also help them stay updated with the site’s state-of-the-art features, and benefit from them.
  • ❖ Rummy Passion is legally authorized to deduct tax from a player’s winnings if their winning exceeds INR 10,000 from a single rummy cash game. For this, a player is required to furnish his/her PAN Number. By granting permission to the Rummy Passion app, a player allows access to his/her personal information. Furthermore, players authorize the site to verify their PAN to ensure that as responsible Indians, they file Income Tax regularly and are eligible to withdraw the money they win from cash games.

Why Is Account Verification Process Vital?

Account verification is a crucial process which is mandatory for a player, especially when playing for stakes. Here are a few reasons why account verification is vital:

  • It is to certify that a genuine player is playing on the site.
  • Upon account verification, a player will win free chips, which they can use for playing free games at practice tables.
  • Also, it helps to check the veracity of the bank account details they have provided so that they can withdraw the cash they win from cash games.

When the account information for a player is fetched, Rummy Passion may contact the concerned player on his/her registered mobile number to verify that a genuine player has registered with the site. If Rummy Passion fails to speak to a player after multiple attempts, his/her account might be suspended on a temporary basis, i.e., until they provide valid documents.

To Conclude

For Rummy Passion, the interest of players has always been of paramount significance; and to ensure it happens, site makers have adopted various practices to help players enjoy rummy gaming at its best. If you are planning to Download the Rummy Passion Mobile App, we urge you to read Terms of Service carefully. Play safe at India’s most loved rummy site, for Responsible Gaming, is one of the supreme features, the rummy portal is renowned for.


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