How Playing Rummy Is Helpful In Improving Mental Ability

How Playing Rummy is Helpful in Improving Mental Ability

How Playing Rummy Is Helpful In Improving Mental Ability

Seen fit as a fiddle Bollywood stars proudly flaunting their six-pack abs? Feeling an itch to hit the gym? Great! But have you ever thought of hitting a mental gym to enhance your I.Q.?

Oops! That didn’t Occur to Me

If that is your response and you don’t want to join Abacus classes, we have a simple way out for you. It is a sheer fun activity that refreshes you like anything, offers excellent money-making opportunities, and at the same time, exercises your mental faculties like nothing else!

What Could It Be

You must have played cards in your childhood. And we are sure, you must have played card game rummy too. A traditional card game played in almost every household in the Indian subcontinent with great enthusiasm can work wonders to augment your brain power. Strange but true!

It is Better to Wear Out Than to Rust Out

Buy a new car, keep it sparkling clean but don’t drive it. It would continue to look as good as new, with no apparent signs of wear and tear. One fine day, you want to go for a drive but… OMG! The grand vehicle doesn’t start. Shocked? Why? The battery of your four-wheeler is dead because of disuse.

The Vice Versa

It is a fact that when you exercise a particular body part, it becomes strong. That explains why the physique of an athlete is different from that of a weight lifter, or why a chess player has an I.Q. higher than that of an ordinary person.

Game Basics

An easy to understand and thrilling to play card melding game, rummy makes you grill and drill your mind and memory, thereby sharpening them. This is especially true of online rummy, for you get very little time to plan and make moves. The objective of the game is to form valid runs and/or sets before the opponent players. Here’s how a finished hand could look like – 2♦, 3♦, 4♦; 7♣, 8♣, 9♣, Joker; J♦, J♥, J♠; A♥, A♦, Joker.

How Rummy Exercises the Brain

To win, you have to do a lot of mental multitasking, which involves strenuous use of mind:

  • Sort your cards quickly and plan what combinations you are going to aim at.
  • Keep an eye on the other players and what cards they pick and drop.
  • Calculate instantly what all cards might your rivals hold and what cards could be there in the closed pile.
  • Try to make out the cards on the wish list of the other players and take care not to discard such cards.
  • Strategize wisely according to the changing scenario how to proceed and sway the game in your favour. And mind it, you have to do it in the blink of an eye.
  • Implement the number concepts of permutations, combinations, and probability. Runs and sets are examples of permutations and combinations that you make with the practical application of probability.
  • Try to finish the game in the minimum possible number of turns.
  • Store all info in the RAM of your mind, use it to make your moves, and swap it with new data with each picked and dropped card.

To Conclude

Rummy, the skill game of cards, propels players to strain their brain and use it efficiently. Playing the game in routine proves to be an excellent workout for your mental resources. If hitting the gym exercises and tones your body, hitting the tables of online rummy at proves to be a tonic for your grey cells and works wonders to boost your mental ability. Why not give it a try? You can register for free and play practice games on the vibrant tables of Rummy Passion without spending a penny!


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