How Playing Rummy With Us Changed Their Lives?

How Playing Rummy With Us Changed Their Lives?

How Playing Rummy With Us Changed Their Lives?

Rummy has been one of the most loved card games of all times. People love playing the game offline with peers, family members or neighbours and treat it as a popular means of entertainment. But with rapid digitalisation, the game is now readily available on online platforms too. It has facilitated many players to enjoy a quick round of their favourite pastime whenever they wish to. The game is an excellent medium of not only entertainment but is also useful for improving important life skills such as decision making, strategy, confidence, positivity, patience, people-reading, etc. Rummy Passion is one such popular site that has made it easier for players to fulfil their dreams or even take life-changing decisions. Here are the instances shared by 5 players where Rummy Passion played a significant role in improving their lives for the better.

Fulfilling A Simple Wish

Whether its new clothes, a new bag or the latest phone, we always need something or the other to help improve our social status. Sunita Baskar, a housewife from Chennai, too was looking for ways to impress her kitty friends. She wanted to buy a new dinner set to show off amongst her peers, but her husband refused to buy a new one. That’s where Rummy passion came to her aid and helped her win a sufficient amount for a new dinner set.

“I had been playing practice games at Rummy Passion for a long time but was hesitant to try out the cash games for fear of losing money. But my wish to get a new dinner set to impress my kitty friends motivated me to try out the cash games. I was elated to get a huge Welcome Bonus upon my first deposit which helped me play many more games than I initially planned to. Through a series of wins and losses, I was able to win enough cash for my favourite dining set within a week. And the instant withdrawal feature at the site helped me get my wish fulfilled on time. I’m definitely going to tell all my friends about the app and give them a means to fulfil their little wishes too.”

How Ganesh Nagaraj’s Dream Vacation Became a Reality

We all have fantasised about a dream vacation destination. But not all of us have the resources to get our wishes fulfilled. Some lack time, while other lack financial capabilities. Ganesh Nagaraj, a real estate broker in Tamil Nadu was facing a similar dilemma when his wife requested him for a dream vacation to Malaysia. He was sharing his worries with a client one day when he got introduced to the Rummy Passion App. Being a pro at Rummy with real cards, it was quite easy for him to learn the online game as well. He directly started with the cash rummy games, and since then there has been no looking back. His skills helped him get the top spot each month in the list of Rummy Passion winners while being able to get the required finances for a vacation in Kuala Lumpur. Here’s what he has shared about his experience:

“My job was just enough to help support my family’s needs, but not for going on such an expensive vacation. On my wife’s constant nagging, I discussed the issue with some of my oldest clients, asking them suggestions for a loan or some best deals. This is when Mr Ravi Shankar introduced me to online Rummy at Rummy Passion. Since I had been playing the game since childhood, I just had to go through some blogs shared on the site to get the gist. Four months of playing the game regularly, and I won enough money for the flight tickets. I arranged the rest with the help of a loan and fulfilled my wife’s dream of going to Malaysia. Thank You Rummy Passion”.

Giving Wings to Shreya’s Dreams

Shreya is one of the toppers at a reputed management institute in Pune. But apart from getting a management degree, she also wanted to pursue her career in digital arts. However, her family’s weak economic condition could not allow her to join her favourite art classes until a hostel-roommate introduced her to Rummy Passion. Being proactive by nature, she easily learnt the nuances of the game and became one of the top players in a matter of months. Here’s what she has to say about the website:

“Being able to fulfil my dreams on my own was a great accomplishment for me. Learning rummy with Rummy Passion was fairly easy, and I diligently followed their rummy gyan blog and videos for various rummy tips and tricks. It took me a couple of months to start playing on the high-value tables. And since then, there’s not a single tournament that I miss playing. Winning at rummy Passion has helped me in not only enrolling for a course I dreamt of, but was also helpful in improving many important skills. All in all, the game has helped me improve a lot during the course of a year.”

Just like Shreya, many people wish to improve their skills but are restricted by time or financial constraints. But playing the 13-Card Indian Rummy Game at Rummy Passion can help fulfil your dreams. Just remember to always follow responsible gaming practices.

A Pleasurable Pastime for Bedridden Satyam Singh

Satyam Singh, a computer engineer from Punjab, was devastated when he found out about his paralysis after an accident. He was bedridden for quite some time, and this caused him a lot of stress and loss of confidence which was detrimental for his health. However, online Rummy stirred things up for him. Here’s what he shared about playing Rummy at the vibrant tables of Rummy Passion:

“I used to remain frustrated and annoyed all the time due to my condition, and mostly took out my anger on whoever came into my room. Books and other modes of entertainment got tiring after some time until my nephew introduced me to the world of online rummy games. Since joining Rummy Passion two months back, there has been considerable improvement not only in my mental well-being but in my physical health too. I am more cheerful and confident these days especially when I am able to contribute some money for my medical expenses simply by playing and winning the game on my mobile. Thank You Rummy Passion!”

Although Satyam is back on his feet now, he is still an avid player at the website today. It is stories of people like him that inspire us to continually keep upgrading our vibrant game tables.

Traffic Jams – Not A Waste of Time Anymore

“The worst part about Mumbai is long traffic jams and highly congested roads. Before getting introduced to online Rummy at Rummy Passion, I used to get really annoyed with the repetitive honking while stuck in the traffic for long hours. This deeply affected my work routine as I reached office completely stressed out. But Rummy Passion has changed that for me. Playing Rummy on the app has not only helped me get to work stress-free, but I now have learnt the important virtue of patience, apart from improving on my creativity and decision-making skills which are a must for my profession” says a budding fashion designer Nishita Dubey.

Just like Nishita, there are millions of people who get stuck in the long traffic jams each day. Instead of getting frustrated, why not utilise this time to boost skills with the online rummy game. It will not only provide you with immense entertainment but also keep you engaged and stress-free during your commute.

Summing Up

The Indian Rummy Game rules everyone’s hearts, and not many know that playing the game online is much more beneficial than the offline version. Our vibrant game tables, smooth interface, highly efficient customer support and easy to understand gameplay has enabled many players to fulfil their dreams. You too can start playing the game online or download our app and get your little wishes fulfilled by winning big.


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