Differences Between 101 And 201 Pool Rummy & Which Should You Play?

Differences Between 101 And 201 Pool Rummy & Which Should You Play?

Differences Between 101 And 201 Pool Rummy & Which Should You Play?

Pool Rummy is one of the most loved and a highly engaging variant of the 13-Card Indian Rummy game. As the name suggests, players pool in a fixed amount towards the final prize, and the player that remains till the end with minimum points gets the entire pool amount after deducting a certain percentage of the rake amount. Available in the form of two separate choices, viz 101 pool and 201 Pool Rummy, the game is highly intriguing and challenges a players’ gaming skills to the highest degree. It is a perfect combination of Deals and Points Rummy Game, where each player must play until they get eliminated or push their opponents out of the game. Confused about which format to choose? Here are major differences between the two, along with some tips to help you make a better game choice:

Number of Deals

The first point of difference between the two variants of Pool Rummy game is in the number of deals played. Although a definite number of deals cannot be predetermined, usually the 201 Pool Rummy variant has many more deals as compared to the 101 variant. A higher number of deals means that each player gets more opportunities to showcase their rummy skills and win the game. As a player, if you have messed up in a deal, you get many other opportunities to make good of that mistake and improve your overall game score.

Time Factor

The time spent to play and enjoy each variant of Pool Rummy also varies to a great extent. Just like the number of deals, even the time duration cannot be predefined in each case, but the 201 Pool Rummy variant typically lasts longer as compared to a 101 Pool game. The 201 variant allows you to enjoy the game for an extended period, also giving you many more opportunities to improve the overall score. It is, therefore advised to choose a variant after considering your schedule and time availability.

Rebuy Rules

Pool Rummy is the only variant in 13-card online rummy that allows players to buy-back their way into the game. It means that if a player has been eliminated after exceeding the highest point limit, they can rejoin the game after paying the buy-in amount, provided the player has sufficient balance in his/her account. However, the rejoin rules vary slightly for both the variants. In 101 Pool Rummy game, a player can buy-in only if the highest score among all the remaining players is less than 79 points. But in the case of a 201 Pool game, the highest score must be less than 174 points for a player to repurchase their way into the game. Players get a popup citing the rejoin amount and score and will be able to get back to the game only after giving a confirmation.

The Drop Option

Just like any other variant of the Indian Rummy Game, players can exercise the drop option in Pool Rummy too. However, the points gained differ slightly in between the two sub-variants of Pool Rummy game. Where in a 101 game, the player gets 20 points for an initial drop, and 40 points for a middle drop, in a 201 game, they will get 25 and 50 points for initial and middle drops respectively. The maximum points a player can gain remains 80 in both cases. It is, therefore, a better choice to opt for an initial drop, regardless of the variant you are playing to keep the overall game score to a minimum.

Which is the Better Choice?

Out of the two choices available in Pool Rummy, players often get confused s to which one is the better choice. The answer varies from one player to another, depending on their skill level and the time factor. If you too are confused between the two, you must consider important factors such as the time you would like to spend in the game and the money you can spend in the game. Another valuable advice that the rummy pros share is that you must well-analyse your skills before choosing a game variant. If you have the ample patience and determination to play at a single table over longer periods of time, then 201 Pool Rummy is just the right game for you. However, if you find your patience dwindling over time, or are unable to make much amends to a lost deal, then you should practice more at the 101 Pool Rummy Tables. If you are new to the tables, then 201 Pool Rummy is the best choice as it is more forgiving and offers many opportunities to improve your overall score. You must also analyse your skills and resources carefully and accordingly choose to play on a 2-player or 6-player Pool Rummy table.

Summing Up

The Pool Rummy game offers a high level of thrill and excitement for rummy lovers, along with an opportunity to test and improve their Rummy skills. But you must not forget that a game is best enjoyed when played with utmost responsibility. Hence, you must set their priorities beforehand to enjoy a relaxing game of 101 or 201 Pool Rummy at Rummy Passion. And Remember to choose the game table that perfectly fits to match your skill level to win big. Don’t forget to check out the rummy tips and tricks shared on the Rummy Gyan Blog from time to time to boost your winning ratio. Hope you have a gala time at the vibrant rummy tables.


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