How To Reach Rummy Passion’s Support Team At The Quickest?

How to Reach Rummy Passion's Support Team at the Quickest?

How To Reach Rummy Passion’s Support Team At The Quickest?

Online Rummy has been a hit with rummy lovers since its launch about a decade ago, mostly owing to the convenience of playing anytime-anywhere, the vibrant game tables and the exquisite offers. But what makes players loyal to a particular rummy app is the quality of their Player Support Services. And Rummy Passion tops the charts when it comes to providing rummy lovers with the best customer support. The entire team comprises of highly knowledgeable individuals with sufficient experience in handling player queries when it comes to online rummy games. It is a major reason why Rummy Passion has attained a player satisfaction rate of 98.4% in just under five years, a feat not many rummy sites have been able to accomplish until now. The support services are available in 6 different languages, viz. Hindi, English, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. Every player’s query is handled with a personal touch, where executives put themselves in players’ shoes to understand their perspective and resolve the issue accordingly.

Contact Rummy Passion Support

To ensure smooth resolution of common player queries, a Dedicated FAQs Section has been set up answering all the commonly asked questions. But, if you are unable to get the answers you are looking for, you can quickly contact the player services team through any of the four methods given here:

1) Filling the Contact Form

The primary method to get in touch with Rummy Passion player services team is through the contact form, which is available at the support page. Choose from the list of primary reasons, enter a secondary reason, add a message and submit the form. Our team will immediately look into your query and respond to you in the best way possible.

2) Live Chat

For instant help regarding any aspect of the game, you can directly get in touch with our player services executives on live chat. Click the Live Chat button on the support page, enter your name, email and query, and you’ll be connected to a support representative within seconds. You can discuss your issues on Live Chat in your chosen language and get the solution to your issue in under minutes.

3) Connect Over Call

Don’t have much time for a chat, or is the issue too difficult to type and explain? Not an issue! You can easily connect over a call with Rummy Passion’s customer support team at +91 8000000036. Your request will be answered by an executive that speaks the same language as you have selected on the app and can easily guide you through the solution. Though the support team is available from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm all seven days of the week, but even if you call outside these hours, your call will be returned the next day.

4) Share your Queries on WhatsApp

Everyone prefers using WhatsApp these days over any other messaging services. That’s why Rummy passion has recently added a WhatsApp only number to help resolve players’ queries. Simply send in your question and Rummy Passion Username at 987609992. Just like chat support, the standard response time on WhatsApp too is within seconds.

In A Nutshell

Stuck with an issue while enjoying your favourite rummy games at Rummy Passion? You can get in touch with the player services cell directly through the app. We, at Rummy Passion, are continually striving to deliver world-class support services that completely meet players’ expectations. Our players have always been the priority, and we have put all possible measures in place to give you the best online rummy experience. If you want to reach out to us, you can easily do so with any of the four options given above, and get your queries resolved in no time.

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