Instant Withdrawals At Rummy Passion

Instant Withdrawals at Rummy Passion

Instant Withdrawals At Rummy Passion

Online Rummy has become popular among game enthusiasts for a number of reasons, and the most prominent is the instant withdrawal feature. Rummy Passion is one such platform that offers immediate withdrawals to its players.

The term “immediate or instant withdrawal” refers to the transfer of funds in the account in no time. As an avid rummy player, you may have won several rummy games at Rummy Passion, and might be eager to get the winning amount quickly in your bank account. We offer this feature for Rummy Passion Reward Club’s  all-tier players (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black).

Instant Withdrawals in Online Rummy Card Game

The instant withdrawals feature at rummy Passion –  New Rummy App is as fast as depositing money in a rummy account. The procedure is easy, however, to qualify for instant withdrawals players have to meet the following requirements:

1. Complete Your KYC

Players must complete the Know Your Customer(KYC) process before they claim for withdrawal by validating their personal information. In addition to verifying their identity, players must also confirm their email address and phone number. Follow these instructions to edit your player profile:

Step 1: Tap on the burger menu on the top right side of the screen
Step 2: Tap on “My Profile”
Step 3: Open “Complete KYC”
Step 4: Make any necessary changes to your personal information

2. Valid Bank Account

After verifying the KYC details, players need to validate the correct banking details. The withdrawals at Rummy Passion are processed directly into a player’s bank account. For that, players need to provide information such as Account Number, IFSC Code, Account Type. If players want to update their banking details, then they can follow these steps:

Step 1:Tap on the burger menu on the top right side
Step 2:Tap on “Withdraw Cash”
Step 3:You will see 3 distinct sections; at the bottom, click on the “Bank Details” option
Step 4:Enter your bank account information and click on the “Submit” button

If players want to change the bank account details again, then they can raise Bank details change request with the supporting documents.

3. Higher Tier

This is one of the prerequisites for instant withdrawals at Rummy Passion. Players who are in the Higher Tiers can claim for instant withdrawals. There are three tiers which fall under higher tier which are Gold Tier, Platinum Tier and Black Tier. A player has to be at least in the Gold Tier to avail this feature.

4. Collusion Free Gaming

Rummy Passion strongly opposes unethical gaming tactics and practices. Rummy Passion takes appropriate action against players who choose immoral gaming methods. To guarantee that players receive all the site’s benefits, which include instant withdrawal, they must avoid actions such as chip-dumping, collusion or opening multiple accounts. Players are also advised to play and enjoy Online Rummy cash games honestly so that they can avail the perks which are offered at Rummy Passion.

5. Must have One Withdrawal

In order to avail of the instant withdrawals feature, players are required to make at least one withdrawal at Rummy Passion. It is the basic requirement which players need to fulfil.


To summarize, we can say that, rummy is a skill-based game which uplift the player’s enthusiasm by earning huge rewards and also gives the opportunity to earn some extra money. With Rummy Passion’s instant withdrawal service, players can withdraw their money into a bank account with no time. If a player matches all the aforementioned conditions, then they can withdraw the whole winning amount in very less time. Instant withdrawal operates in the same manner as any other bank transaction, with the utmost safety, in order to protect the players from financial risk. So, bring out your rummy brilliance and achieve the higher tiers at Rummy Passion.

See you at the tables!


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