New Mobile Lobby Features At Rummy Passion

New Mobile Lobby Features at Rummy Passion

New Mobile Lobby Features At Rummy Passion

Ushering in a new era in mobile rummy, Rummy Passion has introduced amazing new features to give its patrons a really fantastic experience, even when they play on their mobile. Now they have access to the same state of the art facilities on their cell which were earlier available only on the computer. Rummy Passion Mobile Lobby has been given a complete makeover to unveil a splendid new user interface.

The all new mobile lobby is on the same lines as its computer counterpart. It helps you to instantly know everything about the tables status, for instance- how many tables are there in different games, how many players have already joined them and how many seats are available. You can easily decide which game and table you would like to join.

The introduction of the ‘Heart’ icon has further simplified your task. It allows you to check all the joined games and tournaments, i.e. it will show all the tables you have joined and the upcoming Tournaments you have registered for.

Then there is the wonderful ‘Bell’ notification icon which helps you stay informed about the latest promotions, bonuses and offers being showered by Rummy Passion on its esteemed players. You will be apprised of all these through notifications that will be sent to you right away as soon as they are launched, so that you can avail yourself of them and enhance your rummy experience. The latest 5 notifications would be visible, with the most recent one at the top.

Tournament User Interface has become so simple that a layman can also easily get a gist of everything that is on the platter such as kind of Cash Games, Tournaments and Practice Games. You can notice within no time all the details pertaining to all the games that are going on or scheduled viz. how many players are allowed, how many have already registered, the date and time of the event, the prize money and the last date for registration etc.

Another new feature is that now you have access to a lot of details about the other players, including their winning amount. Similarly, knowing the structure of tournaments and table info has also become as easy as ABC.

In a Nutshell

In the technology driven globalized world of today, everything is just a click away. And that is exactly what Rummy Passion has strived to provide its Mobile Rummy players with, so that they can enjoy rummy on the go whenever and wherever they want and the experience is simply out of the world. What are you waiting for!


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