How Online Rummy Compares To Sports – Five Things To Note

How Online Rummy Compares to Sports - Five Things to Note

How Online Rummy Compares To Sports – Five Things To Note

One sport that is more prevalent in India and has a huge fan base is Cricket. The game holds a special place in the hearts of millions of Indians. Though cricket and rummy are two games that belong to different genres, one thing in common to both these games is that they are recognized as skill games. It might sound bizarre to compare the two different games – one outdoor and the other indoor, but one common term – ‘Skills’ is what keeps the enthusiasm for the games ongoing. For instance, the game of Cricket is can depend on weather conditions, players’ skills, team chemistry and pitch conditions. These are major factors to consider in the gameplay. Likewise, in the game of rummy, it’s merely skills that take players a long way in the game and chances can never annul the skills.

How Rummy and Cricket Correlate?

  1. Games of Skills – Both rummy and cricket are two exciting games and players adore the games to a great extent. Both games are considered games of skill that involve an individuals’ ability and not contingent on mere chance or luck.
  2. Battle Against the Opponent Team/Player(s) – Alike cricket in which one team has to lock horns with the opponent team on the field, in the game of rummy, players also have to battle it out against their opponent/s leveraging skills to win the game. This is another similarity that keeps both games in one lane.
  3. It All Starts with a Toss – Just like cricket, Online Rummy begins with a Toss, as that determines who will pick up the first card and start the game. However, that doesn’t mean that the one who wins the toss will be the winner of the game. It’s only skills that will decide the players’ fortune.
  4. Involves Various Twists & Turns – The way cricket gives its spectators real heart-throbbing moments and memories to cherish, Online Rummy games too undergo various twists and turns that in itself is a lesson for players to remember and move forward; pulling them through to their next game.
  5. Rewards are Amazing – The hope of winning big rewards is always a motivation in competitors’ mind in both the games, as that increases the excitement for the game. However, not all get rewarded. In the end, it’s the most competent players who bag the wins.

Rules of Rummy that You Should Deliberate

When it comes to the rules of Online Rummy, it simply revolves around drawing and discarding of cards to meld them in the right sequence/s and/or set/s. A dealer will initially deal the cards to each player after which, the players around the table will play their turn. The one who first melds the cards correctly will wrap up the game. NOTE – A player can fold the game at any point of time if he/she is unwilling to continue with the game. Once a player declares the game, all the remaining players will display their cards, i.e., will declare their game as well.

How is Rummy Different from the Game of Cricket?

The love for cricket is inseparable for millions of fans. Though people are crazy about the game and leave no stone unturned to watch their favorite team battling on the field, the passion for rummy is at equal heights amongst online rummy fanatics. The game is widely played and players from across the nation enjoy being part of the tribe on online rummy portals.

Perquisites of Playing Online Rummy

  • If you are also inclined towards rummy, you can join a reliable website like Rummy Passion, have fun during the gameplay and get showered with a sense of excitement and rewards.
  • As a sweet gesture of togetherness, rummy websites offer new and fabulous promotions to keep the players’ excitement level always high for the game. You too can take part and win big.
  • Also, the experience that Online Rummy offers is exhilarating and it’s not a single instance. You can experience it throughout your gameplay.
  • Needless to say, some genuine websites never hesitate to fill their players’ account with bountiful cash and other rewards. So, now it should be your move to grab what comes your way through your efforts in the game.

It’s Time to Take a Deep Dive in the Ocean of Rummy

So, now that you are well aware of the fact that just like cricket, rummy too offers a great sense of enthusiasm to players, why not take a dip into the ocean of Indian Rummy? We assure, you won’t swim back to the shores once you start taking deep dives, as the game will not solely offer fun and thrill but will fill your bankrolls with loads of cash prizes. But before you finally dive deep into the ocean, i.e., catch up with live players that are well experienced, make sure you are an expert swimmer, i.e., you must have brushed up your skills to beat your rivals on the vibrant rummy tables.


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