Online Rummy in Tamil Nadu

Online Rummy in Tamil Nadu

Online Rummy in Tamil Nadu

The Indian state of Tamil Nadu is one of the most influential states in terms of gaming and, of course, online Rummy. Rummy is one game that offers players skill-building opportunities while having fun. And with the latest judgment on August 3, 2021, by the Madras High Court, Tamilians are elated to once again join the vibrant game tables and live their passion for playing their favourite game of skills. If you are from Tamil Nadu, or for that matter, any other state, come and join the fun by downloading the Rummy Passion App:

How Tamil Nadu’s Love for Rummy Overpowered All Odds?

The card game rummy has been a favourite amongst Tamilians, often forming an essential part of social gatherings. Tamilians love the game for its high entertaining capabilities and the fact that it helps exercise their mental capabilities. The Rummy Tournaments were a place of social gathering, where the people of Tamil Nadu would make the best use of their skills and spend quality time with dear ones.

However, despite the people’s love for this mesmerising skill-based game, there have been many legal disputes regarding the viability of playing rummy online for cash. This greatly disheartened the game lovers, resulting in them approaching the judiciary to be able to enjoy the game as and when they like. However, the latest ruling by The Madras High Court on August 3, 2021, quashed all the previous uncertainties regarding the 13-card game by declaring rummy to be a completely skill-based game, confirming to Supreme Court’s similar verdict in 1968. The High Court observed that rummy is a game of skills, and “it involves considerable memory, working out of percentages, the ability to follow the cards on the table and constantly adjust to the changing possibilities of the unseen cards.”

Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee and Justice Senthil Kumar Ramamoorthy further stated that banning rummy companies and online rummy apps will be unconstitutional and a violation of Article 19(1) (g) of the Constitution of India (right to practise any profession, or to carry on any occupation, trade or business).

The latest judgement has once again soared the spirits of 13-Card Rummy lovers in Tamil Nadu since they’ll now be able to enjoy their favourite game anytime, anywhere on the Rummy Passion App.

What’s New to Catch at Your Favourite Game Tables?

With people from the Tamil Nadu state back on the rummy game tables, India’s Most Loved Rummy App is here with some new surprises for our beloved rummy players. The app offers an entirely new and even more engaging interface for users, along with the addition of several new features that’ll make your experience a really good one on the app.

Players now have multi-table access, which allows them to join up to three tables at a time, with the new ‘Add Game’ button. Other than this, many new tables have been added to the game lobby to give players a wide array of choices for table selection. New deposit options have also been included to allow players smooth and quick deposits with their preferred modes of payment.

Apart from enhancing players’ gaming experience, Rummy Passion has also amped up the security levels on the app as well as the website. Now, players get an OTP for login so that only they are able to access their Rummy Passion account. The KYC process is also secured with IDFY automatically identifying authentic documentation of players and ensuring no fraudsters join the game tables.

Apart from all these, Rummy Passion will soon announce some more amazing features and offers for our players. Now is the best opportunity to get back to online rummy tables and begin practising your rummy skills to grab the big wins. Do check out the latest leaderboards and Promotions at the Rummy Passion App.

Summing Up

The 13-card rummy is played with much enthusiasm in Tamil Nadu and throughout the subcontinent. Learning how to play rummy is quite easy, and the numerous promotions and rummy tournaments at Rummy Passion App make it a fantastic experience for rummy lovers. With the upliftment of the ban on playing rummy in Tamil Nadu, the competition is sure to surge on the vibrant game tables. If you are from Tamil Nadu, now is the time to begin practising your rummy skills and outwit your opponents to lay claim to the big wins.


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