Online Rummy Is Gaining Momentum In West Bengal

Online Rummy is Gaining Momentum in West Bengal

Online Rummy Is Gaining Momentum In West Bengal

The popularity of Indian Rummy is skyrocketing in West Bengal, majorly owing to the people’s love for gaming here, especially those that help enhance their skills. You too can grow your intellect, just like many others from your native state, West Bengal, and experience immense fun by downloading the Rummy Passion App here:

Here’s what Madhumita Sarcar, the ravishing actress and model from West Bengal, has to say about her passion for Online Rummy games at India’s Most Loved Rummy App.

Once a hotbed of the Indian independence movement, West Bengal is the 4th most populous Indian state, covering an area of 88,752 sq km. It is one of India’s greatest artistic and intellectual centres, connecting the seven sisters in the east to the rest of our country. West Bengal is also recognized for the wide variety of food comprising delicious sweets or “Misthan” and many other savoury delicacies. The varied flavours and cuisines of West Bengal are a real treat for foodies, just like playing online Rummy is a treat for game lovers here.

The Cultural Capital of India

Kolkata is not just the Capital of West Bengal; it is also known as India’s cultural hub with its blend of Western and Indian cultures. The famous terracotta temples of Bishnupur, Cooch Behar Palace, Howrah Bridge, Science City, Adina Mosque, Shantiniketan, etc. demonstrate the state’s rich architectural and natural heritage. The creators of our national anthem, Rabindranath Tagore, and India’s first National Song – Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay both hail from this wonderful state, demonstrating the high level of intellect & reverence for their culture people here possess. It’s probably why the culture of playing traditional card games like Rummy is still very much alive in the state today. Of course, the citizens are now adapting to the latest technological advancements and enjoy its online version much more at the Rummy Passion App.

Bengalis and their Love for Games

Everyone knows about Bengali’s passion for cricket and football, but their love for sports and gaming is not just limited to that. Many other games are popular in the state, including tennis, kabaddi, Chess, Rummy, etc. How can we forget about Sourav Ganguly a.k.a. Dada, who too hails from the state? It’s not just sports that interests people here. Rather, West Bengal is home to many eminent economists, Grammy holders, Nobel Laureates, Padma Vibhushan Awardees, and even those graced by the prestigious Bharat Ratna Award like our former President, Mr Pranab Mukherjee.

Kishore Kumar, Rabindranath Tagore, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Pt. Ravi Shankar, Satyajit Ray, Aurobindo Ghosh, and Arundhati Bhattacharya are just a handful of names from the state that have made it big through their passion and skills. They have proven that true dedication and the right skills can help you attain success in any sphere of life.


West Bengal is a state where age-old traditions are still alive despite the rapid modernization. You’ll find the perfect blend of tradition and modernism here, be it their culture, education, or other spheres of life. That’s why online rummy games are fast gaining prominence in the state with loads of players winning big cash rewards on the vibrant game tables. If you are from West Bengal and haven’t tried the game yet, you need to get started right away. Without much ado, download the Rummy Passion App by clicking on the button below, and just like many others from your state, become a rummy pro. Get the App and Start Playing Now!


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