Online Rummy Is Getting Popular in Andhra Pradesh

Online Rummy is Getting Popular in Andhra Pradesh

Online Rummy Is Getting Popular in Andhra Pradesh

Most rummy millionaires are from Andhra Pradesh. Have you ever wondered why? Online rummy is gaining incredible popularity in Andhra Pradesh. Popular rummy sites in India, including Rummy Passion draw a majority of their players hail from this southern state. There are good reasons as to why both online and mobile rummy have gained traction in Andhra Pradesh. This pattern is very similar to what some other industries in the ecommerce space have seen. Andhraites seem to be the first ones in the country to adopt new ways of doing things especially when it comes to technology.

The mystification of India has mesmerized millions across the planet; there’s something astoundingly beautiful about this place and makes India incredible. Each state has contributed towards building the nation. States from southern part have helped our country in gaining a global reputation in Information Technology. Much has been written about Andhra Pradesh and its contribution to technology, but many of us still wonder about this amazing state.

Why Andhra Pradesh is Shining

The culture, tradition or sanskriti has a lot to do with our personality. We all are just an impression of our surroundings. What we become? How we think? Everything is connected to where we live. People of Andhra Pradesh have always been extremely welcoming, genuine and mellow. There’s a magic in this state. Hyderabad is a booming IT city with professionals leading some of the most advanced tech companies in the country. It’s also known as the Silicon Valley of India. The place has so much going which makes it one of the top areas to live and work in.

Traditionally Modern

It’s not all about science and technology in Andhra Pradesh. The place also has monumental sculptures and temples from previous centuries which remind us of our rich history. The rock cut Buddha statue at Bojjannakonda near Anakapalle, Salar Jung’s Museum and Charminar are popular tourist spots. The rice bowl state of the country has a decent literacy rate and an equally good per-capita income. It’s a happy state where modern science gels well with tradition. The world famous Telugu film industry had shifted its epicenter from Chennai to Hyderabad. Tollywood is the second largest feature film industry after the Mumbai based Bollywood.

D. Ramanaidu holds the Guinness Record for the largest film production facility on the planet

Famous Personalities From the State

It is the people who make a state great and when we talk about Andhra Pradesh, there are plenty. Some influential scholars including the 2nd president of India, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who also wrote renowned religious literature, belonged to Andhra. Another shining star is badminton coach Pullela Gopichand, who not only won all England open Badminton Championships in 2001, but also coached P.V. Sindhu to win a silver medal in the recent Rio Olympics. Even tennis superstar Sania Mirza is from this state.

Vintage Gaming Culture

The gaming custom in Andhra Pradesh is also about technology and tradition. When we met players who are rummy millionaires now, it was evident that the game their family played every Sunday was revived by the Internet. Talking about the state specifically, the game has become a social activity for the players. Thousands of people have already registered. Rummy Passion also offers assistance in Telugu.


Many rummy millionaires are from Andhra Pradesh. People like to have fun and win cash amounts while playing online rummy. Popular rummy sites offer service in Telugu for this reason. The diversity of India is incomplete without Andhra Pradesh. The state has contributed tremendously in almost every sector be it medicine, pharma or IT.


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