5 Common Myths about Online Rummy

5 Common Myths about Online Rummy

5 Common Myths about Online Rummy

One of the most popular card games in India, Rummy is making rounds for its immense popularity and big cash prizes that are up for the taking.

Despite all of this, there are certain apprehensions and scepticism that surround real cash Online Rummy. Even with the unprecedented popularity of Online Rummy, people still hold on to some commonly believed myths. Before you dive deeper into the world of rummy, it is essential to clear these apprehensions and set the record straight.

Busting 5 Commonly Believed Myths About Online Rummy

Continue reading for some interesting myth busters that will help uproot your reservations regarding the game of Online Rummy.

legal status of the game

1. Legal Status of the Game

It is a commonly believed myth that due to the involvement of the real cash element, playing Online Rummy is not legal in India. Contrary to this, it’s perfectly legal to play Online Cash Rummy in India, as the Honourable Supreme Court of India has termed Rummy as a game of skill.

According to the declaration made by The Supreme Court of India, Online Rummy with real cash factor is completely legal to play.

One of the favourite platforms of Rummy enthusiasts, Rummy Passion, is a strong advocate of responsible gaming. It is advised to play the game for the sole purpose of entertainment and take adequate breaks.

luck factor

2. Luck Factor in the Game

The most common misbelief about Rummy is that it is a game of luck. The fact is that Rummy is a game of skill, and it requires a lot of practice and time to be mastered. You need to acquire skills and develop mental abilities such as concentration, observation etc. to build a good grasp of the game.

There are numerous strategies you can devise in the game of Rummy, which we have discussed here. Players need to invest time in practising the game to learn and master the skills required to win at Rummy.

large sum of money is required

3. A Large Sum of Money is Required to Play the Game

It is a commonly accepted myth that you need to invest a large sum of money to play card games. On the contrary, you can play and practice Rummy for free at popular Online Rummy destinations such as Rummy Passion. You can also play practice games with free chips provided when you register yourself in the game. These games help in improving your game and are available in all three formats; Points, Pool and Deals.

It is only when you play cash games or tournaments, you require a buy-in. But even then, the tables begin at a very meagre amount. Players can also participate in free tournaments and win big cash rewards in winning. The winners take home huge rewards after outwitting other opponents in the game.

players vs. bots

4. Players Vs. Bots

People believe in this common myth that when you play Online Rummy, you compete with bots rather than real players. But, the truth is, Online Rummy card games are not played with bots; as a matter of fact, you get to compete with real players from across the nation. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about playing Rummy. There are lakhs of registered players that compete with each other on popular Online Rummy platforms. To maintain the no bot policy, a rigid KYC is done for every player once they sign up.

Rummy Passion is like an extended online community, where people can compete with regular Rummy players and win huge cash. So, now you don’t have to worry about this factor.

online payments are unsafe

5. Online Payments are Unsafe

With the advent of the popularity of Online Rummy, there were bound to be sceptics who were dubious about online payments. One of the most popular Online Rummy Apps, Rummy Passion offers 100% secure online payments with encrypted transactions and secure payment gateways.

We have tried to cast the limelight on the several myths around Online Rummy games and tried to clear them with logic and facts. There are indeed certain myths connected with Rummy which we have tried to clear in this

So, if you are a card game lover, it’s time to snub all your inhibitions and experience the exciting world of Online Rummy.


In this article, we have quashed some common myths that are believed by most Rummy players. Players can play their favourite game without bothering about these aspects, as these are nothing more than a mere myth.

Being one of the most popular Online Rummy apps, Rummy Passion offers a multitude of rewarding leaderboards and tournaments.

So, without further ado, you can play and start winning huge cash rewards at India’s Most Loved Rummy App as the entertainment this game offers is beyond any debate.

See you at the tables!

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