Online Rummy Now Trending in Gujarat

Online Rummy Now Trending in Gujarat

Online Rummy Now Trending in Gujarat

Gujarat is one of the most progressive states in India. What makes it so is the ability of its people to adopt tradition in new forms. Online rummy is now trending in Gujarat. Its popularity is growing at a quick pace, and just like many other players in your native state Gujarat, you too can enjoy the fun of playing online rummy with the Rummy Passion App.

Mobile rummy by Rummy Passion is catching on as well, especially with better Internet connectivity and more smartphones per capita. Here’s a glimpse into what Aishwarya Majmudar, Gujarat’s Singing Sensation, has to say about her experience with the Rummy Passion App.

It is the simplicity that makes things beautiful. It gives one inner joy with a good portion of contentment. Welcome to the State of Gujarat; the place with multiple flavors of life, an area of 196,024 km2 (75,685 sq mi) with a coastline of 1,600 km and the world’s largest salt desert. They have a rich culture and delicious food to die for. Our country is a known for its rich diversity and here’s the secret, Gujarat is the epicentre of it. Stay with us to know more about this magical land of amazing card games, folk music, adventure and a lot more.

Kuchh Din to Guzaro Gujarat Me

It was Bachchan senior, a.k.a. Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, who endorsed the state and the campaign, blew every other commercial off the television. It’s not just a manuscript specifically drafted to incorporate all the promotional content, but the truth it holds within. You may be a teenager or a senior citizen, holidaying in the state is an absolute family activity. The famous Rann Utsav is a treat to watch, as the splendid white court in the land underneath the blue sky makes it a soothing sight.

“Do you know one in every five Indian-American is a Gujarati?”

Online Rummy: The New Garba of the State

Remember the golden days of the 90’s? The tracks of Falguni Pathak and Aryans led the charts all over the country. And during the seasons of Garba; a folk dance, these were some of the top tracks with every DJ.

Guajarati’s are extremely good with calculations and are truly business oriented with a gentle heart. They are quick to recognize where new opportunity lies and how to take advantage of it. All these qualities, when mixed together, build a perfect Rummy mojito. Given their aptitude, Gujaratis make good players, as 13 card Indian Rummy is a game of skill. With online rummy, people are smiling and dancing to the beats of multiple lucrative bonuses and promotions.

Gujarat: The Name of the Game

Have you ever thought of running or starting something of your own? How about a business? Well, the greatest institute of management of India, IIM in Ahmadabad. The Indian Institute of Management is one of the most prestigious we have and getting in, is a confirmed ticket of success and financial stability. Multiple faces in the corporate sector like Shikha Sharma, MD and CEO of Axis Bank and Ashok Vemuri, CEO of IGATE are some of the alumni from the institute.

“If a man says he can turn his dreams into reality, he is either dreaming or is a Gujarati”

Famous Personalities From the State

There are a lot of achievers from the state, from Homi Bhabha, Sunita Williams, Dhirubhai Ambani, Azim Premji, Jamshedji Tata to the current renaissance of the golden age in Indian politics, Mr. Narendra Modi. All these great personalities have a connection with the state. We’ve got a nuclear scientist, astronaut, industrialist and the prime minister of the greatest democracy in the world. All these wizards are experts in their fields and have made a name that will stay forever.


Gujarat is the state of harmony and celebrations. Thousands of players are trying their skills in rummy and winning a good amount in cash prizes. If you are not sure about the game, it’s time to get your facts straight. If you join Rummy Passion and play, you’ll find so many new players from Gujarat. They find it easy to register and play games of their choice whenever they want to. To join the thousands of players from Gujarat who are trying their skills in rummy and winning a good amount in cash prizes, download the Rummy Passion App.


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