How To Play The Ultimate Rummy Variant Instantly With Friends?

How to Play the Ultimate Rummy Variant Instantly with Friends?

How To Play The Ultimate Rummy Variant Instantly With Friends?

When do you enjoy the most? It’s probably in the company of your friends. No matter what is their age or what gender they belong to, fun manifolds when they join you and play along. Guess what? Playing online rummy can be your cool new way to have a splendid time with your friends.

Rummy is a traditional card game, and Indians have always loved to engage in games that involve the mind, especially during festivals, functions, gatherings, and outings, etc. And with whom have they been playing the game? With their near and dear ones, of course! Sometimes, with their family members and at other times, with their buddies.

The transition of the rummy game to the online platform has made it possible for card lovers to revel in it at just anytime and at any place. You can play it even if you have no one around. How can you do that? The answer lies on the online platform, which is always abuzz with the presence of rummy lovers from across the nation.

However, if you play the game with your real-life besties, you are bound to derive the maximum fun mileage out of it. Your rummy circle of friends can play on the same table, and this allows you to interact with players, thus giving a superb feeling.

Step #1: Invite Your Friends

To play the game with real cards, you have to invite your pals to come over to your place in person. However, in Online Rummy, you just need to invite them to a worthy rummy platform such as Rummy Passion App. And let a magical world unfold before them!

What Do Your Buddies Get? Your friends will be over the moon to get an amazing Welcome Bonus package of up to Rs 10,000 + Rs 2500 additional RAF bonus as they sign up at India’s most loved rummy site – Rummy Passion.

What Do You Get? You will be entitled to a referral bonus of Rs 2500 + Rs 500 for each referred friend. For more details, visit – Refer A Friend page.

What Do All of You Get? Mind-blowing amusement is, of course, always there on RummyPassion tables. Apart from that, if you win the cash rummy games, your account gets enriched with the prize money – which you can withdraw at your own convenience. Rummy Passion is a preferred destination of rummy lovers, for it ensures hassle-free withdrawals, along with other exciting features that make playing at the site a remarkable experience.

Step #2: Picking the Appropriate Rummy Variant

Rummy Passion offers a wonderful variety of rummy games to cater to players with varied interests and skillsets.

Which Version Should the Expert Players Opt For? If you and your rummy circle of buddies hold a good command over the game, you can go for any rummy variant, depending on how much time you have at your disposal to entertain yourselves. In brief, the quantum of time needed increases from Points Rummy to Deals Rummy to Pool Rummy, and finally, tournaments are the most exotic rummy avenues that can demand considerable time, especially if you win round upon round and keep qualifying for the next one.

Which Format Is Advisable for the Beginners? Points Rummy would be a good option, as it is the most basic variation of the rummy game. Novice players feel enthusiastic about it as it is played for just one deal. A session of this game takes just a few minutes and is thoroughly entertaining.

What About Those Who are New to the Game? If you or your friends are new to the spell-weaving world of online rummy, it would be better to play on the free practice tables first. Practice games are available in all the different variations, are played with free practice chips, and as such, do not cost a penny to the players. But they definitely give you superb bouts of adrenaline rush and a platform to prepare for cash games.

Step #3: Full-On Instant Recreation

If you, as also your comrades are aged 18 or above, you can follow the steps mentioned above and enjoy yourselves to the fullest. The process of referring friends and registration at Rummy Passion is pretty simple and consumes the least bit of time. Not to mention, just every Rummy Variant is ultimate in its own way. Within no time, you are there on the vibrant rummy tables to compete against your dear ones and use your skills to sway the game in your favour.

In the Essence

Rummy is surely a mind-blowing option within the large and growing realm of online games. It gives an altogether different feeling when you are pitted against the people you personally know and win them over with your ingenious application of mind and skills. After all, it is not just about winning the game but also about winning hearts.

See you at the tables!


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