A Guide to Rummy Passion’s Play to Earn Reward Points

Guide to Rummy Passion’s Play to Earn Reward Points

A Guide to Rummy Passion’s Play to Earn Reward Points

The world of online gaming is constantly evolving, and one trend that has been gaining immense popularity is Play to Earn. With this innovative idea, players can take advantage of their favourite games while also earning rewards. Rummy Passion, India’s Most Loved Rummy App, has embraced this trend with its own unique Passion Rewards Club.

How Play to Earn Works

It’s easy to earn Reward Points on Rummy Passion. Simply play any rummy cash game on the platform, and you’ll start earning points. The more you play, the more points you’ll accumulate.

The Benefits of Earning Reward Points

Reward Points can be redeemed for Cash Bonus which in turn enhances your gaming experience. For example, you can use the cash bonus to play tournaments or try higher-value tables without spending any money. You can also use Reward Points to climb to higher Loyalty Tiers, which offer even more benefits, such as faster earning rates and exclusive rewards.

Climbing the Success Ladder

The Play to Earn money feature is about climbing the success ladder and earning more rewards with each stage. Your journey begins at the Silver Tier, where you will gain 5 points for every ₹10 rake. You’ll gradually rise to higher ranks with patience and competence.

Silver 5.0
Gold 5.45
Platinum 6.05
Black 6.80

The Ultimate Destination- Black Tier

The Black Tier is the pinnacle of the Passion Rewards Club. The Black Tier is the VIP section of this feature, where your points accumulate at a rapid pace. You’ll quickly gain points as you immerse yourself in the gameplay, bringing you close to the top. Some benefits of the Black Tier are as follows:

  1. Players who fall under Black Tier receive exclusive services from the VVIP host.
  2. Black Tier members will get exclusive bonuses, gifts, and access to exclusive tournaments.
  3. On their birthday, Black Tier players get a surprise cash bonus in their account.
  4. You are eligible to participate in all offers and standard promotions.
  5. In Black Tier, you can deposit a maximum of ₹20,00,000 per day. You can withdraw a maximum of ₹50,000, 10 times a day.

Simple Reward Points Redemption

Rummy Passion makes it simple to use your hard-earned Reward Points. You can convert these points into cash bonuses easily. It’s a seamless process that gives you the opportunity to enjoy the gameplay without any hassle.

How to Redeem Reward Points?

To redeem the Reward Points, you can follow these steps:
Step 1: Log in to your account by entering username and password
Step 2: Click on the burger menu icon at the top right corner and select Redeem Reward Points
Step 3: Click on the Redeem Now button
Step 4: Select the points that you want to redeem
Step 5: Click on the ‘OK’ button to request redemption

Success Stories

There are many players who have successfully maximised their earnings in Reward Points on Rummy Passion. Here are a few examples:

  • Our top-ranking players take home a cash bonus of ₹1,00,000 every month.
  • A player from Mumbai recently used Reward Points to play cash tournaments and won a combined prize of ₹10,000 in a day.
  • A player from Kolkata used Reward Points to try a higher-value game and won ₹15,000.

Ensuring Fairness and Transparency

Rummy Passion takes the integrity of its Reward Points system very seriously. We ensure fairness and transparency in point calculations and redemption processes. This commitment means that players can be confident that they will be rewarded fairly for their gaming activity.

Get Started with the Play to Earn Feature

If you’re ready to level up your gaming experience and start earning real money, then sign up for Play to Earn today. Simply make a deposit and start playing rummy cash games. As you play, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for cash bonuses and other rewards.

Here are some additional tips for maximising your earnings with the Play to Earn money Feature

    1. Play Regularly

Consistency is key. The more you play, the more points you’ll accrue over time.

    1. Aim for Higher-Value Tables

Challenge yourself by venturing into higher-stake games. The stakes may be higher, but the rewards, in terms of points earned per game, are even more substantial.

    1. Win More Games

Winning isn’t just about the thrill of victory; it also means more points in your pocket. The more games you win, the more points you’ll accumulate, propelling you through the Loyalty Tiers.

With a little effort, you can quickly climb the Loyalty Tiers and start earning big rewards with the Play to Earn money feature. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today!


Q. What is the Play to Earn Feature at Rummy Passion?

The Play to Earn feature gives you the opportunity to earn reward points while playing cash games. These points can be redeemed for cash bonuses.

Q. How can I use Reward Points?

Reward Points can be redeemed for cash bonuses. You can use these bonuses to participate in tournaments or play higher-value games. Reward points can be used to climb the Loyalty Tiers for more benefits.

Q. How do I earn Reward Points at Rummy Passion?

Earning Reward Points at Rummy Passion is easy. All you need to do is play rummy cash games, and you will start accumulating points.

Q. Is the Reward Points system fair and transparent?

Yes, Rummy Passion ensures fairness and transparency in point calculations and redemption processes, so players can trust that they will be rewarded fairly for their gameplay.

Q. What are the minimum Reward Points that can be redeemed?

A minimum of 1000 Reward Points can be redeemed at Rummy Passion.


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