The Most Popular Avatars At Rummy Passion – What’s Yours?

The Most Popular Avatars at Rummy Passion - What’s Yours?

The Most Popular Avatars At Rummy Passion – What’s Yours?

When you get up in the morning after a sound sleep, you may spend most of the time thinking about what avatar customization you should choose to look different and appealing to the outside world. While most are comfortable with the day to day modifications, some of you go with radical alterations such as getting body tattoos or so. But, does that really work? The answer is yes. Whether it’s real-life or online games, avatars do leave an impression on people. In online games, creators of certain gaming websites offer avatar feature, as they believe that avatars convey players’ gaming behavior. Perhaps, at Rummy Passion, players get an advantage to choose avatar as per their personality.

Now the question arises – “How avatars help you change your or your opponents’ gaming behavior?” Well, the role of an avatar is determined by the type of the game and its audience. Let’s take an example of Online Rummy. If you are a regular player at Rummy Passion, choosing an avatar according to your personality can really affect your gaming behaviour. But before we reveal different types of avatars at Rummy Passion, here’re some benefits of choosing avatars while Playing Online Rummy games.

Benefits of Choosing Avatars

  • Avatars give you an identity to introduce yourself to your rival players, without disclosing your real identity to them.
  • Choosing a strong avatar also help you boost your confidence and appear as a strong contender to rival player/s.
  • When you choose an avatar, the chances are high that opposite side players would want to choose to play rummy games with you.

Well, at Rummy Passion, you may find numerous alluring avatars that you can choose to represent your identity. Want to know what all they are and which amongst them are most popular? Read onto know more:

Types of Avatars at Rummy Passion

Rummy Passion offers 20 different types of avatars which include Hero, Policemen, Captain, Fireman, Detective, Astronaut, Judge, Biker, DJ, Soldier, Doctor, Miner, Pilot, Airhostess, Saree, Actress, Captain Cool, Rapper, Muscleman, and Surgeon.

The Most Popular Avatars at Rummy Passion

Out of the abovementioned avatars, the ones that are most commonly used by players registered at the site are:

  1. Captain Cool – This is one of the commonly used avatars used by players at the site. Though this avatar depicts a cool personality, sometimes, players use this avatar to manipulate their rival player/s that they are a cool player, and it would be easy to compete with them. Is this a strategy you want to use in your game? Try and see the difference, if it works.
  2. Muscleman – In general terms, how would you see a muscleman? A strong character who stands tough in any situation. Agree? Well, this is the reason why most of the players choose this avatar, as they want to convey that they can beat anyone who joins the table. The other reason can be that they want to compete with players of their level. If you hold the Best Rummy Skills against opponents and haven’t yet chosen any avatar, you can go for this.
  3. Actress – When playing cash games, who would want to lose the game? Even if players are strong with their skills, sometimes, they think of different ways to defeat their rivals on the table. It’s when they choose to bluff their opponents with this avatar. Actresses are usually known for glamour, and this is why many players use this avatar to attract opposite side players to play with them and then use their skill weapons to defeat them.
  4. Soldier – What are some common traits of a soldier? Being disciplined, act responsibly or who has a fighting spirit? Do you have the traits of a soldier or can you fight like them? If yes, this avatar is perfect for you and may give an impression to opponents that you may hold strong rummy skills and may give them a great sense of competition in rummy games.
  5. Detective – What’s the job of a detective? It is to use their unique ideas, skills, and critical thinking to reach the people they are spying. Do you possess some traits of a detective? If yes, then this avatar perfectly suits your personality.

What’s Your Favorite Avatar at Rummy Passion?

Now that you know what each of these most popular avatars at Rummy Passion conveys, why not give it a try? Do share your opinion with us in the comment box and help us improve further.


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