3P’s Of Rummy – Practice, Patience, & Passion

3P's of Rummy - Practice, Patience, & Passion

3P’s Of Rummy – Practice, Patience, & Passion

The popularity of Online Games has increased by leaps and bounds. Owing to the advancement in technology and the rapid penetration of Smartphones in rural areas, Rummy’s digital avatar is now massively popular among all age groups in India.

Rummy Passion, one of the most popular Rummy apps, offers three Rummy formats, Points, Pools and Deals in a safe gaming environment.

Being a game of skill, Rummy requires players to execute smart strategies and make calculated moves to stay ahead of the opponents.

If you want to explore critical facets of this game then this article will walk you through three primary basics to become an expert Rummy player.

3 P’s of Rummy

Rummy is a skill game that requires application of tips and tricks alongside the execution of smart strategies.

Here are the three basics of the game that are crucial to be adept in playing Rummy.

1. Practice

“Practise as If You are the Worst and Perform as If You Are the Best.”

Be it Rummy or any other game, practice is the road that leads to mastery. Practising is the first and foremost basis to learn the game properly and face the challenges in the game. Before you start playing the game on bigger stakes, it is important to practise the game and learn how to manoeuvre the cards in a perfect match-winning manner.

Popular Rummy apps such as Rummy Passion offer 12,000 practice chips to play free practice games. Beginners can play practice games with these chips to learn and master the game properly. Before starting off with cash games, it is important to get familiar with all the rules, strategies and tricks needed to win the game.

While on Rummy tables, you may face a myriad of challenges from your opponents.

The more you will practise, the more exposure you will get and the better you will perform to overcome challenges.

2. Patience

In the context of Rummy, patience is an ability to endure challenges and make precise moves in tough scenarios.

In Rummy, it may be crucial to possess the skills to analyse and manoeuvre the cards but merely keeping an eye on your opponent isn’t enough. Being calm and composed can surely help you outplay your rival’s moves.

To end the game as a winner, Rummy players need to adopt a tenacious attitude, i.e., be patient, wait for the right time and play the cards right.

To put it in a nutshell, irrespective of the skill levels, players must learn to be patient to deal with challenging scenarios at ease.

3. Passion

Be it a game, career or life, passion is the secret to success. Rummy being a real money game and having a high competition requires passion and persistence to excel.

The passion for Online Rummy in India has grown immeasurably and the game is commonly played by people of different ages. People in India are passionate about Rummy and popular apps such as Rummy Passion have over 5 million+ passionate players competing for real cash.

In the case of real money games, players should be passionate about the game and play it for the sake of entertainment, rather than playing it for monetary purposes only.


These three P’s are the fundamentals to follow if a player wants to be proficient in playing Rummy. Start practising the game on free tables and follow these basic principles that form the backbone of a good Rummy player.

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See you at the tables.


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