Pros & Cons Of Playing Online Rummy!

Pros & Cons of Playing Online Rummy!

Pros & Cons Of Playing Online Rummy!

From playing with peers to competing with players from different corners of India, the game of Rummy has indeed come a long way.

With the real money gaming industry at its peak, skill-based games such as Online Rummy have a competitive edge when compared to other games in this genre.

Online Rummy has witnessed immense traction over the past few years, and various reasons are accountable for this fact.

With the advancement in technology and added inclination of a wide population towards the game of rummy, the top Rummy apps in India such as Rummy Passion are now offering an impeccable gaming experience to its players in a safe and responsible gaming environment.

Let’s read ahead to know the various advantages and disadvantages of playing Rummy Online.

Pros of Online Rummy

Pros of Playing Rummy Online

Isn’t it frustrating, when you have to look for people to play the game of rummy? Fortunately, this is not the case anymore, all thanks to Online Rummy.

You can now play Rummy games online with real players from across the country anywhere, anytime. All that is required is a smartphone or a tablet, an internet connection, and the Rummy Passion App to get started.

Though there are multiple merits of playing Online Rummy, read ahead to learn some of the major pros.

1. Incredible Cash Prizes

Online Rummy is entertaining for countless reasons, one of which includes exciting cash prizes which are up for the taking. Online Rummy platforms not only offer cash prizes but also present you with an opportunity to step up your game.

Rummy Passion offers three Indian Rummy formats i.e. Points, Pool, and Deals. The platform hosts three varieties of games in the above-mentioned formats including free, cash games and tournaments. As the name depicts, free games can be played with practice chips and don’t require players to pay a table fee for playing the game. Players can also win huge cash prizes while competing on free game tables.

On the other hand, cash games can be played for a fixed entry fee and offer real money prizes. Tournaments require players to showcase their best skills, as the competition is comparatively high in cash games.

Once you gain some confidence and polish your Rummy skills, then you can try your hand at free or cash Rummy tournaments at Rummy Passion.

2. Use your Decision-Making Skills

Online Rummy is a skill-based game where players have to form valid combinations by picking cards either from the closed deck or from the discarded pile and discarding unwanted cards to the open deck. Players should be watchful while picking or discarding the cards, as one mistake can lead them to lose the game.

If you are a smart decision-maker, you can create combinations more easily, which certainly gives you a competitive edge over other players. If your skills need a little bit of work, you can always play practice games and work on improving your decision-making skills to get better at the game.

Cons of Online Rummy

Cons of Playing Online Rummy

Be it Rummy or any other game, there will always be some downside to it. Though the Pros of playing the game outweigh the cons, still, we have listed some of the commonly faced hindrances people face while playing the game.

1. The game requires a stable internet connection

In order to play and enjoy Online Rummy games, players must have a stable internet connection. If a player is playing the game from a remote region with a slow internet connection, then it can become difficult to enjoy uninterrupted gameplay.

This factor makes it different from Offline Rummy as the latter can be played with physical cards and has no requirement of an internet connection.

So, if you want to play Online Rummy, then you should first switch to a stable internet connection for enjoying the game to the fullest.

2. You Can’t see Players Person-to-Person

As you know, Online Rummy is played on virtual game tables, so players can’t communicate with other players or watch them face to face. You can’t see other players’ facial expressions and gestures while they manoeuvre cards.

On the contrary, when you play Rummy on a physical table, you can assess a player’s emotions to get an idea of their current standing in the game. It can also help you understand how the other player is faring in the game. This factor is not something that can change the course of the game, but it can be counted as one of the downsides of playing Online Rummy.


Just like a coin has two sides, the game of Rummy also bears its own pros and cons. The fact of the matter is that you need to decide how to navigate swiftly through the cons to thoroughly enjoy the pros of this ultimate game packed with thrill, rewards and entertainment.

So, keep playing at India’s Most Loved Rummy App and compete with Rummy pros from different corners of the country.

If you haven’t registered yet then head to the tables at Rummy Passion and use code “WELCOME” while making your first deposit to get a 100% welcome bonus up to Rs 7000.

See you at the tables!


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