Right Knowledge Can Change The Perception About Rummy!

Right Knowledge Can Change the Perception About Rummy!

Right Knowledge Can Change The Perception About Rummy!

The 13-card Indian rummy game is well known in the country for its high entertainment factor. No social gathering goes by without a session of rummy being held amongst family and friends. Widely accepted as a game of leisure, rummy is one sport that offers much more than mere entertainment to players. And now, with its rising presence on digital platforms, most card game lovers prefer playing Rummy Online as opposed to its traditional version.

Despite the immense popularity of this game, some people are still of the opinion that rummy is not entirely a game of skill. They consider fate to be a part in the outcome of a game, although, the exact opposite is true. However, this perception about rummy is changing slowly, with people realizing it to be a game thoroughly based on players’ skills. In online rummy, a certified RNG software generates cards randomly, and it is the skill level of players that determines the outcome of a game. A person may get average or even poor cards and still win because the opposing player picks and discards the wrong cards or the more skilled player makes the correct moves at the right time. In fact, many game lovers nowadays are intrigued by the number of skills they can gain by playing regularly. Here are some facts that justify the changing perception about online rummy from a means of mere entertainment to the one invoking skills into a player.

Skills Form the Essence of Rummy

Online rummy is a game that can only be played and won with the right knowledge and appropriate skills. And this fact has even been accepted by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. As a player, you must be observant, analytical, strategist, a good decision-maker, a pro at time management, patient and perseverant. These are only some of the essential traits you’ll require to become a pro at the game. You shouldn’t forget that by mastering the right skills, you can always turn the tables in your favour, even when you get average or poor cards. All these skills can be easily learnt and honed as you continue to practice and play the different rummy variants regularly.

Entertainment and Responsibility Go Hand in Hand

While rummy is one game meant for both entertainment and skill-building, some players sway from their primary objective of playing the game. This is where strict adherence to responsible gaming practices at rummy apps comes into play. Keeping our players’ interests to the fore, Rummy Passion ensures that every player enjoys the thrill of this exciting game responsibly. Features such as deposit limits, self-exclusion and self-assessment forms are introduced to every player at the beginning of their journey with the app to ensure due compliance to responsible gaming practices set forth by EGF.

Cash Rewards are a Surplus

It’s true that playing and winning online rummy games results in gaining monetary awards. But those who love rummy don’t make these rewards their ultimate goal. The game employs skills and focussing on the different strategies and tricks along with finding suitable means to learn them is of the utmost importance to players. The cash rewards they win at the end of a cash game or tournament is merely a surplus to the non-monetary gains of confidence, pleasure and a better skill set acquired through the game.

The Security Factor

Facing setbacks is a significant part of the learning process, even if you are highly skilled in your field. In the game of online rummy, it’s not necessary you win every time. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s any compromise on your security. Rummy Passion is highly renowned for the high level of security it provides to rummy players. The app is RNG Certified for fair and secure games, has a strict ‘No Bot’ policy, keeps regular checks on players’ activities to detect foul play at the earliest and has deployed the latest technology to keep players’ information safe at all times. Moreover, the quick redressal system administers any problem at hand and helps resolve it within no time.

In Essence

After going through the above points, we are sure you wouldn’t have any doubts in your mind about rummy being a game of sheer skill and strategies. If still in doubt, you can test on any or all of the points shared above and find out for yourself how engaging, entertaining and skill-oriented the 13-card game is. Once satisfied, do join the vibrant game tables with our family of 50 Lac+ players across India and revel in the fun of playing rummy online while winning significant cash rewards with your skills.

Happy Gaming!


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