Types Of Rummy Bonus at Rummy Passion

All You Need to Know About Bonuses at Rummy Passion

Types Of Rummy Bonus at Rummy Passion

A Rummy bonus is an additional reward offered to the player over and above a cash reward. At Rummy Passion, players can boost their account by winning games or by making use of the various promotions that we run from time to time.

This bonus in online rummy game helps to extend the player’s game time on the tables. As a player, you can check the bonus earned by tapping on the hamburger icon in the top right corner and selecting “BONUS STATUS”.

It is essential to understand the two broad categories of rummy bonuses available at Rummy Passion before we enlist the various types of bonuses that are offered to the players.

Cash Bonus

A cash rummy bonus is an amount credited to the player’s account that can be used instantly on any Rummy table where the player wishes to play. Players can also use cash bonuses to participate in tournaments.

For example, if a player deposits Rs 1,000 and gets a Rs 500 cash bonus, the total amount in the player’s account will be Rs 1,500. The player can consume this entire balance while playing cash games at India’s Most Loved Rummy App.

Match Bonus

A match bonus is a free rummy bonus given to players for playing rummy games and using various deposit offers available from time to time. It can be converted into a cash bonus based on gameplay. It is released in parts in accordance with the rake generated by the player.

For example, if a player plays Deals Rummy cash game with Rs 100 as an entry fee, the rake contribution will be Rs 10, irrespective of whether you won or lost the game, 35% of this rake contribution will immediately be converted to a cash bonus.

Rummy Cash Bonus vs Match Bonus

Now that we know what a cash bonus and a match bonus are, let’s look at the basic difference between the two:

  • Usability: A cash bonus is a bonus that can be used instantly on tables. A match bonus, on the other hand, has to be converted into a cash bonus by playing cash games.
  • Bonus validity: A cash bonus has a 60-day validity period. Match bonuses have a 3 to 5-day validity period in which they must be converted to cash bonuses, except for the Refer a Friend bonus, which has a 90-day validity.
  • Conversion: There is no calculation behind the conversions for cash bonus, whether you win or lose the game. Its value remains the same. In contrast to this, the match bonus is based on the conversion of the rake generated on the tables.

All Rummy Bonus Offers at Rummy Passion

  • Welcome Bonus: A welcome bonus on Rummy Passion is given to a player when they make their first deposit. A reward of a 100% bonus up to Rs 7,000 as a signup bonus is given to the player at Rummy Passion. The player has to use the Bonus code “WELCOME” while making their first deposit to avail the Rummy welcome bonus.
  • Top Up Bonus: While making the second deposit, the player gets a 50% match bonus up to Rs 3,000. The player has to use the code “TOPUP” while making their second deposit to avail of the top up bonus.
  • Streak Cash Bonus: New players on Rummy Passion have a chance of getting an instant no deposit Rummy cash bonus of Rs 700 by completing the 7-day streak challenge.
  • inTrust Bonus: The inTrust Bonus offers players a 12% Annual Bonus on the overall balance in their Rummy Passion account just for keeping funds in their account. The bonus is credited daily to the player’s Rummy Passion account. It means that players can see their bonus balance grow every day, adding to their excitement for the game. To be eligible for the inTrust Bonus, players must have played at least one cash game or participated in a cash tournament in the last 30 days and have a balance of more than Rs 200.
  • UltraCash: UltraCash gives you an additional Game Balance for converting your Win Balance to Game Balance. Also, since the amount converted to Game Balance is not considered a part of your withdrawal, it helps you reduce your TDS liability.
  • Refer-a-Friend: It is one of the biggest bonuses one can claim at Rummy Passion. Players can avail of it by referring a friend to play online rummy at Rummy Passion. The amount credited to the player’s account will be 25% of the total rake contributed by the referral. The validity of the Refer-a-Friend bonus is three months from the date of the referral’s registration.
  • Passion Rewards Club: The Passion Reward’s Play to Earn is an exclusive feature made for those who enjoy playing rummy cash games. All you have to do is play any rummy cash game at Rummy Passion and start earning points. Players can redeem reward points for cash bonuses online, which in turn improve the overall gameplay experience.

This rummy game bonus is an additional amount through which players can extend their game time on the table. It is a reward given to a player for winning games or completing activities like adding cash. Rummy Passion offers multiple cash bonuses and match bonuses that players can avail of through leaderboards, tournaments, or deposit codes.

You can read all Rummy Passion Bonus T&C here.


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