Rummy Thalaiva: The official Mascot of Rummy Passion

Rummy Thalaiva: The official Mascot of Rummy Passion

Rummy Thalaiva: The official Mascot of Rummy Passion

Introducing Rummy Thalaiva – the coolest guy in your neighborhood! He has a lot to share with you and all Indian rummy players in India. Wearing black shades and sporting a handsome moustache, he brings you his best rummy tips and tricks and tells you how you can win cash prizes by playing 13 card rummy games. You can expect him to add a lot of fun and entertainment in your life. Rummy Thalaiva is an expert in explaining playing card strategy to the players. By using his advice in your game, you can boost your winning rates significantly. Now the whole gaming experience becomes more fun for every one!

Thalaiva: Our very own Rummy Guru

Remember how Santa pampers us every year in December and how everybody waits for him. He’s the guy with a sack full of gifts. Well, Mr. Thalaiva is also the symbol of prosperity and lucrative bonuses and we are sure you will look forward to seeing more of him because each time he makes an appearance, he will bring you goodies.

“ If offering Bonuses is an art, then Rummy Thalaiva is the Picasso of it”

Thalaiva has a huge fan base as he is very popular among players not only for his looks, but also for the lucrative bonuses and promotions he brings. He is constantly improving and helping thousands of players all around the country to enjoy the game to the fullest. Become friends with him and sail away with the India’s most loved online rummy site, RummyPassion. Players should always pay attention to whatever he says. The game isn’t always about winning or losing, sometimes it is about enjoying and playing the best you could and for this, our official mascot will help you up at every step. Here’s what he will bring you:

  • Amazing rummy bonuses and promotions
  • Rummy tips and tricks
  • Advise for new players
  • Fun events and tournaments
  • Rummy jackpots
  • Rewards and gifts
  • Enjoyable and informative videos

Mascots are an integral part of any industry. The trio Snap, Crackle and Pop of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies or Mickey Mouse for the Walt Disney Company or Mr. Ronald McDonald for the world famous burger brand McDonalds’s are recognized by everyone. They have a huge contribution in making a brand alive and adding an element of fun to it. Online rummy isn’t different from any other industry and it should be perceived in the same manner. We at Rummy Passion want to spice up the games and what better than introducing an official mascot.


Rummy Passion has always taken on things a little differently from all the other operators. Introducing the mascot has allowed us to connect with the players in a better and more efficient manner. Wishing you happy rummy times ahead.


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