The Biggest Trends In Mobile Gaming

The Biggest Trends in Mobile Gaming

The Biggest Trends In Mobile Gaming

Mobiles have become a prerequisite in our lives and so have mobile games! They are turning into one of the prime reasons why people remain glued to their smartphones.

Global Statistics

From $7.8 billion in 2017, the revenue generated by the mobile gaming industry rose to approximately $99.6 billion in 2016, and further to $107.6 billion in 2017 – the data gives a fair idea of the success of mobile games. And makes them so worthy? They offer one of the best means of portable mind-boggling entertainment.

The Top Mobile Gaming Trends

Smartphone proliferation has given the required impetus to mobile gaming. India is one of the prominent emerging markets for the industry. Let’s have a look at the trends in mobile gaming that are dominating the market.

  • Age No Bar
    Earlier, only kids and teenagers used to indulge in mobile gaming. Researches conducted by GamesBond and Newzoo depict that Indian mobile gamers defy the age stereotypes. People revelling in mobile games on a daily basis comprise of those aged between 15 and 55. There are mobile gaming apps such as Rummy mobile app and games like Hitman Go that cater to adults and have been hogging the limelight.
  • Mini Games
    In the fast-paced world of today, everyone is on the run and time is critical. Some individuals might not be able to spare enormous time to play. Denizens of the modern era love to relax themselves with games that can be enjoyed in a jiffy, so that they can quickly switch to a new game or activity. As an instance, there’s the Rummy Game that perfectly fits the bill – you need just a few minutes to engage in a mind-storming session of the game. Then, there are others as Rise Up, Voodoo, and Love Balls, etc.
  • Benefits
    Those mobile games have been garnering a huge clientele that bring something extra for the players, i.e., in addition to amusement. Players love multi-purpose gaming avenues that lead them to gaining more than just entertainment. It could be knowledge of Geography or vocabulary; testing of mathematical skills; or winning incentives, bonuses, and cash prizes. Getaway Shootout, Backgammon, rummy, and chess, etc., are some such games.
  • Security Concerns
    Several cash games require players to furnish their sensitive data such as credit card details, and users might get concerned regarding the safety of their confidential information. However, gaming in India has come of age and offers absolutely secure platforms to its players – be it the protection of their personal details or offering secure payment gateways. Cash gaming is now as safe as online shopping.
  • Gaming Consoles on the Wane
    Even though gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox have been becoming better with each release, their popularity has been declining. The reason? It is because gamers are getting more inclined towards inexpensive and flexible mobile options. People love to play mobile games while commuting or when they need a quick break during long working hours. Consoles do not offer this facility. This makes mobile gaming more appealing and explains the catapulting prominence of games that can be played anywhere and at any time.

On a Winning Spree

Mobile gaming has been witnessing such a meteoric rise in its reach and popularity that it is bound to make everything else look lacklustre. And there are solid reasons behind this mobile phenomenon. Bring a dash of freshness to your life by playing your favourite mobile games on the go!


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