The Rummy Advantage With Passion Rewards Club

The Rummy Advantage with Passion Rewards Club

The Rummy Advantage With Passion Rewards Club

If you frequently play Online Rummy at, India’s most loved rummy game site, you can get some of the best loyalty rewards ever. If you have played at other sites, you are probably familiar with how player loyalty programs work. You know that you will need to play a lot of cash games to accumulate enough points which are redeemable for something remotely decent!

All that is about to change with the Passion Rewards Club, the elite player loyalty programs for all cash game players. Let’s see how it works. It’s really quite simple. Once you make a deposit and start playing cash games at Rummy Passion, you get free, automatic membership to the program. As you play games with a rake i.e., cash games, you start earning reward points with each hand. Over time, these points add up.

The beautifully designed Passion Rewards Club has amazing incentives for all loyal players. Your point balance and tier level is always available for you to view in the My Account section. You can redeem your points for custom bonus offers, frequent player promotions and unmatched rewards and benefits. Also, a really big plus of this program is the VVIP service that you will receive when you reach the Gold Tier. And, it’s easy to move from a lower tier to higher ones. The points that you accumulate add up quickly when you stick with the site and continue to play cash games.

Here are some of the advantages of the Passion Rewards Club membership:

  • Bonus is released to the player after each hand
  • Player can qualify for Frequent Player Bonus
  • Player can claim up to 40% real cash bonus
  • Points can be redeemed for gifts and shopping

The Rummy Advantage with Passion Rewards Club

Now that you know about the benefits of the program, let’s look at how the Loyalty Tiers work. As a new player, you enter at the Silver Tier right away. You will quickly be able to climb to the Gold Tier to start earning VVIP service. As you continue playing, you will enter the Platinum Tier where the benefits you get will quickly multiply. The ultimate level is the Black Tier which is reserved for a few, select players and it has the most rewarding benefits.

Silver Tier
This is the foundation level and you get automatic enrollment to this level. The qualifying points for this tier are 0-1251.

Gold Tier
The excitement, surprises and VVIP service are waiting for you. So hurry up and start collecting anywhere between 1251-25000 points.

Platinum Tier
To unlock this tier, you will need to have between 25001-150000 points. Better bonuses and rewards await you at this level.

Black Tier
Rummy Passion has painted the King’s (or Queen’s) throne in black. Players can get tons of amazing bonuses, VVIP services and perks which will make you feel like Royalty.

You should weigh the advantages of a good loyalty scheme at any site you wish to solicit. Just remember, all are not the same in terms of the benefits you can get; and how quickly and easily you can climb the tiers. The Passion Rewards Club is a way to thank players for their loyalty. It is another way to show appreciation to players for their regular association with this premier rummy site. So sign up, make a deposit and start playing. Reap the benefits and understand why this elite program is now the most sought after in the industry.


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