Types Of Rummy Tournaments At Rummy Passion

Types of Rummy Tournaments at Rummy Passion

Types Of Rummy Tournaments At Rummy Passion

Popular Online Rummy gaming platforms such as Rummy Passion hosts 13 Card Indian Classic Rummy with various exciting Rummy game formats. Players can choose from multiple tables to play the game of their choice and win big cash rewards.

In the game lobby, players can choose to play their favourite games from practice games, rummy cash games and tournaments. We recommend you to join a Rummy Tournament if you’re looking for a dose of unending excitement and thrill.

In this article, we will explore a distinctive guide on the types of tournaments hosted at Rummy Passion.

Rummy Tournaments

In simple words, Tournaments are a series of qualifier games in which players keep getting eliminated until only one remains and becomes the winner.

Tournaments are games scheduled at a certain date with a pre-decided prize pool that further gets distributed among winning players. Rummy tournaments slightly differ from other Rummy games and last a bit longer than them. As tournaments have limited slots, players are required to register for the tournament in advance.

Players get seated at various tables based on the number of players who enter a tournament. Each table can have a maximum of 6 players. Every tournament must have a maximum and a minimum number of competitors. If a tournament’s maximum number of participants has been reached, any more players who desire to register will be placed on a waitlist. If the required number of participants does not register, the tournament will be cancelled, and the entry fee will be refunded in the case of a cash tournament.

types of games

Types of Rummy Tournaments

Rummy tournaments on Rummy Passion fall under three broad categories: Starter, Cash and Free tournaments. Here’s a brief overview of the differences between these games.

Starter Rummy Tournaments

starter tournament

Rummy Passion offers a beginner tournament for players to get exposure to Rummy tournaments. Even new players with minimum expertise in the game can try their hands at a starter tournament before heading towards other tournaments. This tournament can be played by a player only once and is directed towards helping Rummy enthusiasts improve their game.

Free Rummy Tournaments

free tournament

Tournaments having no entry fee are regarded as Free Rummy tournaments. Free Rummy tournaments offer an amazing opportunity for players to win big cash rewards without paying any charges for participation. Even if you are a beginner and know how to play rummy, you can play Free Rummy Tournaments. These tournaments are hosted by Rummy passion regularly. The Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD is the most popular free tournament at Rummy Passion. It takes place on the second Saturday of every month. Players flock to register for these tournaments as it gives the chance to win cash without any investment.

Cash Rummy Tournaments

cash tournaments

As the name suggests, cash tournaments require players to pay an entry fee for participation. Rewards earned by the players vary depending on the entry fee of the tournament. This format is an absolute hit amongst players looking for unending action while competing with the best players from across the country. Rummy Passion hosts numerous cash tournaments daily with varying entry fees.

distinction between cash and freeroll tournaments

Distinction Between Free and Cash Rummy Tournaments

Factors Free Tournaments Cash Tournaments
Reward Cash Bonus Cash Prize
Withdrawable Rewards No Yes
Buy-in Free Entry Fee
Rake Not-deducted Deducted




Online Rummy games offer players an amazing portable gaming experience that can be enjoyed from anywhere and at any time. Players get an opportunity to play alongside the best Rummy players from across the country and compete for real cash rewards.

Tournaments are very popular among Rummy enthusiasts around the world. By effectively implementing Rummy tips and tricks in the games, Rummy players can win Rummy tournaments. While people think it is difficult to play and win rummy while playing with Pro Rummy players, it is not that difficult when played properly with strategies.

Rummy Passion provides a fair platform for players to showcase their skills and win. Play now at Rummy Passion and grab your share of huge cash prizes.

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