What Makes Rummy More Than Just A Game

What Makes Rummy More than Just a Game

What Makes Rummy More Than Just A Game

Vishnu Sharma is believed to have penned the stories of Panchtantra around 3rd century BCE. Most Indian children are familiar with this ancient collection of fables. Ever thought what the inspiration or reason behind this famed piece of writing was?

The aged scholar Vishnu Sharma was entrusted with the task of teaching the three dullard sons of the wise and powerful King Sudarshan – diplomacy, politics, relationships, and administration. Making them learn through conventional means was next to impossible.

The prudent scholar instilled lessons of life in the princes through interesting animal tales! Need we say he was successful?

Why are we telling this story? To bring home the point that when just carefully listening to simple stories can prepare dullards for life, just think of the wonders the Rummy Game of skills can work for its players!

Let’s begin at the beginning and see what precious lessons the game and its strategies hold for us:

#1: The cards are dealt to you and you have to see how to deftly play them.

Lesson: You cannot change the situations that pop up in front of you, but you can definitely change your perception towards them and look for intelligent solutions to your problems.

#2: Your cards are great. Victory seems in the offing.

Lesson: They say – there is many a slip between the lip and the cup. Don’t rest till you achieve your goal. Life is cut-throat competitive, and there’s no place for complacency and carelessness.

#3: You must keep a close watch on the cards that interest or do not interest your opponents.

Lesson: Keep your ears to the ground. Stay alert and updated on what’s treading around. Do not ever commit the folly of thinking of your adversaries as less competent. Hold them in reverence.

#4: To play well, you must be thoroughly familiar with the rules, tips, and tricks of rummy.

Lesson: Before diving into any new field, you must do an in-depth study of everything pertaining to the task. Good preparation and proper homework are necessary to taste success.

#5: You have to be quick with your choice of cards but patient at the same time.

Lesson: One must be capable of making quick good decisions. Fast decision-making ability coupled with patience is the need of the hour in today’s world where one has to act in a jiffy.

#6: You get just a few seconds to plan and make your move.

Lesson: Time is money. If you don’t value time, the world won’t value you.

#7: Your hand seems worthless. What to do now? Drop and minimize your loss; or think ingeniously and proceed.

Lesson: Everybody has to face adversities at some point of time. Things look scary. But remember, fear has two meanings:

  • A) Forget Everything and Run
  • B) Face Everything and Rise

That’s Not All

The Online Rummy not only fosters valuable lessons of life in those who play it in routine but also gives pro rummy players fantastic opportunities to earn money online. It is definitely more than a game. There’s much more to it than meets the eye. How about it?


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