When Apps Become Boring

When Apps become Boring

When Apps Become Boring

What is it that you turn to first thing in the morning when you wake up? Or for that matter, right before going to bed? It’s your WhatsApp or may be Facebook. Shopaholics might also look up Amazon or Flipkart. Have you ever wondered this constant urge takes up a lot of your time? It could be driving you crazy. And what’s the end result? One day, you just want to break free!


Ping me at every instant

It probably accompanies you all the time. Connects you with your near and dear ones. Messages of all sorts keep pouring in and you also just forward them without even bothering to read them. Of course, the most irritating ones are those that ask you to look for a lost person long after the person has already been found!


Do take care of privacy settings

The oldest one that brought people separated by any distance close together, it has been an all-time favourite. Even after the security leaks! Why? Knowing just the name of a long-lost friend is enough to search him/her. Getting constant updates about others’ private lives and posting yours too has become an addiction. No privacy at all! Doesn’t it sound offending at times…


What does this picture posting bring for you?

Virat Kohli makes a whopping 80 lakhs for every advertising post on Insta! But what do you get? In a race to attract more and more followers to your Insta account, you just keep posting every now and then. It has become very trendy with the introduction of IGTV. But, ultimately, what’s the fun?


Shop till you drop

The sale is on! 15% extra discount for making payment by credit card! Cash on Delivery also available! It’s so tempting…that you just can’t get over it. Let me save some money by stocking up on (on-sale) items I might need in future. But what are you doing in reality? Spending your hard-earned money on things that you might never use at all.


Your best buddy forever

No pretensions here! Howsoever stressed, burdened or exhausted you might be, just being in the company of Rummy Passion is sure to relieve you of all your worries. It might be any moment, any place – Rummy Passion brings you a variety of engrossing and thoroughly entertaining rummy games. What’s more, it also helps you earn money online and that too just by playing. Rummy Passion always stands by you, whether it is learning the game or practising it or any query and carefully guides you through everything. Join Rummy Passion today and form a bond that you will always cherish!

Better late than never

So…what do you think? Which app has the ability to always lift up your spirits and be your life-long companion? Rummy Passion for sure!


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