Why Playing Rummy On Diwali Brings Big Fortune?

Why Playing Rummy on Diwali Brings Big Fortune?

Why Playing Rummy On Diwali Brings Big Fortune?

The Diwali season is finally here and what excites most people apart from the friends and family get-togethers is playing card games, especially Rummy. People in India clean their houses and decorate them with lights and diyas, but there is more to this festival.

In the majority of Indian households, playing cards on Diwali is commonly considered auspicious. Playing card games such as Rummy are the most sought-after pursuits and are reckoned to bring prosperity throughout the year.

Cards are played on major festivals such as Diwali where friends are invited to play with family members. But have you ever wondered why card games despite being a real cash game made their way into Diwali celebrations?

There are certain myths about playing Rummy on this special festival that somehow betell its significance.

Significance of Playing Rummy on Diwali

On Diwali, people invite their friends and relatives over to play cards and friends get together to indulge in games of cards. Diwali season is here and it is that time of the year again when people decorate their houses and Diwali card parties are being held to enjoy the festivities.

Playing cards on Diwali is extremely popular as it reflects tradition wrapped in modernity. The tradition of playing cards on Diwali also has many legends behind it. Playing Rummy on this day is commonly believed to be auspicious and it helps people attract wealth in their lives as people also offer prayers to Goddess Lakshmi. There are many legends about the same but this is the most perceived notion. It is believed that playing cards bring good fortune as the Goddess of Wealth blesses people with good fortune.

If one of the sagas can be believed, then, Goddess Parvati played dice with her consort, Lord Shiva. With this legend, it is decreed that whoever played card games on the eve of Diwali would prosper throughout the following year. This tradition of playing cards such as Rummy and Flush continues even today. Card lovers seek this notion for their pastime by referring to the celestial game of dice played by the great Lord Shiva.

Another story of playing cards on Diwali is based on Agrarian roots as the time of the Diwali festival is the harvesting season which is a time of joy for the farmers of India. During ancient times, farmers used to celebrate the harvest together by sharing grains and sweets after the harvesting season. They used to pray to the Goddess Lakshmi for a flourishing season blessed with good fortune and wealth. Farmers then enjoyed dice games, which evolved through time into a range of card games present in the 21st century. Card games have evolved drastically and in the current digital world, there are many real money card gaming apps that host rewarding leaderboards on Diwali.

The custom of playing cards on Diwali has different opinions. Some people might think of it as an unsuitable pursuit on an auspicious day whereas the majority of people’s opinion is to enjoy it as a part of the festivities and the best way to foster the bonding between family and friends. Winners cherish the memories of Diwali night for a long time and ones on the losing end wait for the next Diwali to come around.


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