Rummy – Gameplay Strategies Then And Now

Rummy - Gameplay Strategies Then and Now

Rummy – Gameplay Strategies Then And Now

What is the only constant in the world? Ironically, it’s change. Change is the law of nature. As the skill game of rummy migrated from physical tables to the virtual ones, there has been a drift in gameplay strategies too.

  • 1.Face-to-Face Interaction Versus Goings-on at the Virtual TablesEarlier, people used to get together at a common place to enjoy the game with their family and friends. Now, gaming enthusiasts sitting at different places display their rummy skills on the online tables. The task has not undergone any significant change, but there is a marked difference in how it is achieved.
  • 2.The Role of BluffingTo begin with, it is the concept of bluffing that has witnessed a noticeable alteration. When players, generally family members and buddies, could see the expressions of one another, bluffing played a critical role. How you conducted yourself, and your facial expressions were of utmost importance.
  • 3.Manipulative BehaviourHow you sorted your cards into groups, and the related hand movements gave away a lot of information regarding your standing and your melds. The vice-versa was also true. In order to send out misleading signals, smart players would manipulate their hand movements, demeanour and countenance.
  • 4.Pretending and Rummy OnlineAn expert rummy player would pretend that s/he was nearing completion by making appropriate melding gestures and sporting confident smiles and grins. This kind of bluffing is out of question in online rummy.
  • 5.Fishing and BaitingWhat ingenious players do now, is deploy the strategy of Fishing and Baiting. What it means, is that they deliberately discard such a card that gives wrong clues to their rival players. For instance, if one has got a bad hand, one could, of course, drop the game, but if one wants to carry on, one might dump small cards to indicate that one has an excellent hand, which might intimidate others propelling them to drop the game!
  • 6.Not a New StrategyDid rummy strategy of Fishing and Baiting exist earlier? Yes, it was very much prevalent, and players would often use it to make their opponents give up the card(s) they needed.
  • 7.Peeping into Others’ CardsAnother strategy exercised earlier by hawk-eyed players in offline rummy was to make all possible efforts to take a sneak peek into the cards of others. And needless to say, just a little carelessness on one’s part, and one could risk showing one’s hand to them. Online Rummy has no place for sneak peeking. You have to closely monitor cards discarded by others to speculate what they could be aiming at.
  • 8.Quick Decision MakingA special online rummy strategy is that you develop a habit of thinking and acting fast, and then, use it in your gameplay. It is so because the game gives you only a few seconds to enact your moves. The trait proves immensely fruitful in life. It makes you a wise and quick decision-maker.
  • 9.Unique to Online RummyRest of the rummy strategies are more or less similar for both the versions of the thrilling card-melding game. A characteristic of digital rummy that gives it precedence over its parent game, is that it minimizes the scope of bluffing and peeking, and as such that of cheating.

To Conclude

Both the avatars are enjoyable in their own ways. Play with real cards when your near and dear ones are around, and you intend to spend some jovial time with them. Opt for the virtual game when you are alone, and on the lookout for some real fun.


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