Goal Setting is a Crucial Aspect for an Online Rummy Player!

Goal Setting is a Crucial Aspect for an Online Rummy Player!

Goal Setting is a Crucial Aspect for an Online Rummy Player!

Goal setting, in simple terminology, means the process of identifying something you wish to accomplish in a given time frame and establishing measurable objectives to help you achieve it. Though a simple term, goal setting requires meticulous planning and in-depth research to achieve actionable results. And it’s the one factor that distinguishes achievers from non-achievers. In the words of Les Brown – “Your Goals are the roadmap that guides and shows what’s possible in life.”

As a rummy player, you might already know the importance of planning and strategising. But both these skills are not just applicable to individual rummy games, rather, they define your success rate while playing the game. That is a major reason why Goal setting forms a crucial aspect for online rummy players. Here are some points that will provide more clarity on this aspect.

  • Provides the Right Direction & A Clear FocusSetting goals help provide more purpose to your game, thereby setting a course for you to follow. When you know where you must go, the ability to focus and a sense of competition to attain your goal quickly is something that comes automatically. Setting goals gives you something to aim for, thereby helping you move in a particular direction.
  • More Control Over Your GameWhen you have an objective in mind and know what direction to steer in, you automatically gain more control over your choices and actions while playing online rummy. For example, if you’ve made it a point to play at least 2 tournaments a week, you’ll practice the Deals Rummy Variant more instead of just blindly choosing any variant to play. This way, you’ll know all your shortcomings to play the tournaments and can chalk out a path to remedy the same.
  • An Inspirational FactorSetting short term rummy goals and accomplishing them will help you gain more confidence in your skills. For example, if you’ve set your weekly target to win at least 5 Rummy games, and you accomplish this before the deadline, you’ll be more inclined to practice and play more to improve your rummy skills. The boost in confidence will further help you approach every game with a positive mindset.
  • Encourages Forward PlanningIt often happens with beginners that they initially try out the different rummy variants and continue playing only the one they are most comfortable with. But if you are aspiring to become a pro, you’ll automatically chart out a favourable path to accomplish this objective. You’ll also think of ways to overcome any obstacles coming your way and the best strategies to tackle them to your advantage. By preparing for a bumpy ride, you’ll reduce the factor of getting disappointed and thus continue with your plan without getting deviated from the main objective.
  • Responsible GamingPlaying rummy responsibly is the key to winning more often. When you have a well-defined objective in mind and know how to accomplish it, you’d never develop irresponsible gaming behaviour. Planning everything at the beginning of each month will help you understand your limits better, accordingly allowing you to enjoy the game without any repercussions.

How to Set Your Rummy Goals?

Now that you’ve learnt the importance of setting goals while playing online rummy, you might be wondering what’s the best way to set these. Here we have listed a few ways to select the right target while playing at the vibrant game tables.

  1. Defining the Objective: The first step would be to finalise your primary motive for playing rummy online. It may be for sheer enjoyment, to learn some new skills, or to compete with like-minded players and win big. Depending on this decision alone, you can define your goals. For example, if you wish to play rummy for sheer entertainment, you can set your target to playing your favourite variant for an hour each day. If you want to enhance your skills, you can set the goal of practising a definite number of games for every variant each week.
  2. Financial Planning: While playing rummy, it is crucial to be mindful of your finances too. For this, you can set up daily, and monthly deposit limits at Rummy Passion and then accordingly plan your games on a monthly or weekly basis.
  3. Competing in Tournaments:If you love competition, you’ll naturally be more inclined to join Rummy Tournaments more frequently. Here, your goal must be to practice more of Deals rummy variants and participate in every Freeroll tournament to prepare well for the highly rewarding cash tourneys.
  4. Number of Games: You can also set a rummy goal to play a minimum number of games for a particular variant, depending on your skill level and the amount of practice required to master the same. For example, if you wish to master the art of patience, playing a higher number of Pool rummy games every week will be to your utmost advantage.

In Essence

Without Dreams and Goals there is no living, merely existing, and that is not why we are here” – Mark Twain

To succeed, we need to have a purpose, an ultimate goal that we aspire to accomplish. In rummy, it mostly means that you desire to become a pro and win big at the tables. However, to attain this goal, you’ll need a meticulously planned approach that helps you gain the right skills and experience required to become an expert. Following the tips shared in this blog will take you a step forward and help you decide the best strategy to succeed in your endeavours to become a pro.

Happy Gaming!


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