RAF Multiplier Bonus – Win Cash Bonus

RAF Multiplier Bonus - Win Cash Bonus

RAF Multiplier Bonus – Win Cash Bonus

“Referral Bonus at Rummy Passion Just Got More Rewarding!” To give a bang-on start to the year 2021, Rummy Passion has brought the most rewarding offer for you. Presenting a two-month-long exclusive “RAF Multiplier Bonus” program for our prestigious rummy players. Partake in the offer to grab additional Cash Bonus, besides the regular referral reward that you get. So, bond your love for Online Rummy with your best buddies and enjoy big Cash bonus. Let’s dive into the details of the program.

Black Tier Players Referral Bonus 4X Multiplier
Platinum Tier Players Referral Bonus 3X Multiplier
Gold Tier Players Referral Bonus 2X Multiplier
Silver Tier Players Rs 10000 Bonus*

What’s New?

RAF Multiplier Bonus will commence on January 1, 2021, and conclude on February 28, 2021. Under this new referral scheme, you will not only share an enriching bonus of Rs 10,000 with your referred friend but will also get a Multiplier Cash Bonus, depending upon the tier, you fall in.

By way of illustration, if you are a Black Tier player, and you have referred friends to Rummy Passion, then your disbursed winning amount will be multiplied with the tier multiplier.

Disbursed RAF Bonus x Multiplier = EXTRA Cash Bonus

How to Get the Cash Bonus?

The criteria to avail the referral bonus will remain the same. So, get on your toes and start inviting your friends, following these steps:

  • Step 1Invite your friends, via Link, Email, SMS or Social Media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp to register and play cash games.
  • Step 2As soon as your invited friend registers at Rummy Passion, makes their first deposit and starts playing cash games, you will get up to Rs 7,500 Per Friend + Multiplier Cash Bonus.

Points to Ponder

  • The offer is only valid for players falling in Black Tier, Platinum Tier, and Gold Tier.
  • Make sure that your invited friends register at Rummy Passion with a unique Refer-A-Friend link that you have sent them, else you won’t be eligible to grab the additional Cash Bonus.
  • Also, to claim your bonus, you must be a cash player at the site. That is, you should be a one-time cash depositor at Rummy Passion.
  • Since the offer is valid for two months, make sure your invited friends have
    • Registered with their account
    • Have completed their KYC
    • Played Cash Games
  • The bonus amount will be disbursed every Monday. Also, for instance, if you have referred your friend on Tuesday, then the bonus will be calculated from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • After February 28, 2021, you won’t be eligible to claim the cash bonus. However, you can continue to claim your regular referral bonus.
  • Remember, the more friends you will refer, the bigger will be your rewards.

To know more, go through Rummy Passion’s Refer-A-Friend Bonus Terms & Conditions

It’s an Opportunity with Purpose, So Pass It On!

“True friends Don’t Go Solo. They Go Hand in Hand through the thick and thin.” If you believe in the same, it’s time to nurture your bond with ‘RAF Multiplier Bonus’. It is an effective reward program that will get you extra Cash Bonuses at No Cost. All you need to do is to refer your friends and grab the additional bonus. Refer More to Win More!

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