Big February Winners at Rummy Passion

Big February Winners at Rummy Passion

Big February Winners at Rummy Passion

Online Rummy might be a new-found passion for gaming aficionados, but not card games. Cards and card games have existed for centuries, in India as well as around the globe. It might come as a revelation, but it’s very much true – as true as the fact that rummy is a game of skills.

Curious to know who all emerged victorious on the fascinating RummyPassion tables in February? Worry not, we’re not going to keep you waiting. Big congratulations to all the February Winners!

Table of Contents

  • A. Love for Krida-Patram
  • B. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy
  • C. Ganjifa in Medieval India
  • D. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy
  • E. Different Kinds of Cards in the Days of Yore
  • F. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy
  • G. The Transition of Traditional into Modern
  • H. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament

A. Love for Krida-Patram

The much-liked game of cards was very much prevalent in ancient India, and was called Krida-Patram. Made of cloth, ivory, tortoise shell, mother of pearls, inlaid or enamelled with precious metals, these cards were fabulous pieces of art. They carried motifs from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata along with ancient artwork. They were usually circular in shape, although oval and rectangular cards were also there. Cards were placed in a wooden box with a lid depicting mythological figures. The royals and the noble class of the era patronised the game.

B. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Arunkumaren1 6655
2 Chinnasabi 5411
3 giri29 5306
4 ssagi 5233
5 Nanasahebbb 5055
6 srimang 4819
7 msrajmd 4768
8 baba7779 4614
9 gsatyavani26 4081
10 sk9091 3989

C. Ganjifa in Medieval India

Ganjifa was the name given to playing cards in medieval India. They were played in almost all royal courts. There is evidence that supports the existence and use of playing cards in Rajputana, Kashyapa Meru (Kashmir), Utkala (Orissa), the Deccan and Nepal too. The Mughals also featured among the patrons of this game, albeit their cards were different from those used in the ancient Indian royal courts.

D. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
2 giri29 874
3 shivappi 827
4 Amodgarg 791
5 BRCV 680
6 sasikumar891 604
7 baba7779 539
8 chandu2018 518
9 gunasekar91 477
10 shareef91 476

E. Different Kinds of Cards in the Days of Yore

Card-making needed patience and meticulous hard work, for cards were hand-made and traditionally painted. Rulers engaged painters to prepare customised cards for them while commonplaces used cards made by local artists. Several cloth pieces were glued together to get the required thickness. There existed a variety of cards, as members of all strata of society played them.

F. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1 Winwin007 355
2 Mcsharma 320
3 srinup 248
4 Venkat04 226
5 vganekar 220
6 murale 205
7 Karim999 178
8 ssn32286 161
9 Sirireshma 156
10 msukanya 155

G. The Transition of Traditional into Modern

The art of hand-made cards survived for centuries, then decayed with time, and finally become extinct when the Europeans introduced printed paper cards in the 17-18 centuries. And with that, the memory that Indians played their own cards also faded into oblivion.

H. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament

Rank 1st Week 06th Feb Player Name 2nd Week 13th Feb Player Name 3rd Week 20th Feb Player Name 4th Week 27th Feb Player Name
1 samy359 Sindu4070 nagaraju143 harimurugand
2 ksnmurthy rajini9971 Krishnareddy Usharavi
3 PRMNN Hiraman1980 nanikmb pinshu4
4 kpreethi14 Syedbasheer Siva1992 Hiraman1980
5 satishms Khanna03 Ds007 ARUNRAJ
6 rajini9971 pinshu4 skiran909 Chachan123
7 krish2011 Abdul1992 Rajeshdevil Gavendersing
8 Vallireddy20 shravi234 Majhar9999 vardhan205
9 mah1605 anvesh1001 Sudheinosora princekvl
10 mah1605 Imtiyas ram_1992 Jlkjlk

In a Nutshell

Card games have been prevalent as an excellent means of recreation in the country since ages. Indian Rummy, for one, has stood the test of times, and undergone fantastic evolutions to be available today as online rummy. Enthusiasts can download the classy rummy app in a jiffy, and indulge in the trendy leisure pursuit whenever and wherever they want.

Revamp your rummy skills with free practice games, and get ready to lock horns with the best talent in the nation. At the end of the day, it’s not whether you win or lose; what matters is how you played the game!
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