Big November Winners at Rummy Passion

Big November Winners at Rummy Passion

Big November Winners at Rummy Passion

In the words of Albert Einstein, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Being a rummy genius might not be all that hard, but you do need a passion for the game to excel at it. As always, a lot of players have made it big at the vibrant tables of Rummy Passion in all the different formats of Rummy, and we hope many more must be sharpening their skills to grab a big win next month.

We congratulate all Rummy Passionists who won in November and look forward to seeing new entrants to the lists next time. It is a competition among the rummy experts!

Table of Contents

  • A. Top 10 November Promotions at Rummy Passion
  • B. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy
  • C. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy
  • D. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy
  • E. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament
  • F. What All the Month of Santa has in its Kitty

A. Top 10 November Promotions at Rummy Passion

Rummy Passion witnessed a fabulous Diwali as well as post-Diwali rush of players who landed at the site for all good reasons – exercising the festive card game ritual, rummy-partying with friends, checking their mental aptitude, for that relaxing break, winning with their skills, etc.

Golden Festival 1st – 30th Nov 2018
Grand Diwali Leaderboard 5th, 6th, and 7th Nov 2018
Jackpot Bonus 2nd and 3rd Nov 2018
Bonanza Bonus 9th and 10th Nov 2018
Snakes & Ladders Leaderboard 12th and 13th Nov 2018
Fall & Rise Cashback 11th Nov 2018
Passion Billboard 17th, 18th and 19th Nov 2018
Turbo Bonus 15th and 16th  Nov 2018
Grandmaster Leaderboard 26th, 27th and 28th  Nov 2018
Cashback Shower 29th  November 2018

B. Top 10 Winners in Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. Maggie 7254
2. srimang 6883
3. gsatyavani26 5246
4. krish1972 4847
5. Sasanapuridi 4580
6. sach1973 4347
7. Selva1984 4301
8. Ajay1700 4264
9. Rajesh8262 4262
10. giri29 4258

C. Top 10 Winners in Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
2. giri29 643
3. Vasu8121 434
4. san_hpc 392
5. Kishoren28 383
6. Jsr1970 368
7. chandu2018 361
8. Kapildhungel 352
9. Siva3011 321
10. sasikumar891 301

D. Top 10 Winners in Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. Vasu8121 328
2. san_hpc 290
3. munna30 234
4. ssn32286 227
5. shanmukh1234 207
6. Sasanapuridi 205
7. Kishore622 186
8. basava71 184
9. vijaybvrm 182
10. laxmanakkala 179

E. Top 10 Winners in Big Jackpot 5K Tournament

Rank 1st Week 07th Nov Player Name 2nd Week 14th Nov Player Name 3rd Week 21st Nov Player Name 4th Week 28th Nov Player Name
1. karthirummy Sudha004 BEENAG kiranmorae
2. sky1980 anvesh1001 baktha ram2030
3. mahi017 svr1989 harikesh97 Sivahny
4. devudu myilraja saravanan432 monuvino3006
5. balaji1433 Sriram567 Rajeshdevil surabhi
6. Sriram567 rummychild Saianu143 Veeraveera
7. tejaambati ebinraj pavi102 nagaraju143
8. Saraathi Nagu8788 don432 KathirGanesh
9. chinna0258 NNMRP sasikumar891 Majith1999
10. Amulbaby1788 gowd777 Rajpriya123 Anandpal

What All the Month of Santa Holds in its Kitty

As always, it’s going to be a wonderful treat of mind-storming Leaderboards, incredible cashbacks, and much more! Does Santa reveal everything that he would be bestowing on you?

G. Did You Know?

Indians love to celebrate Christmas, and Rummy Passion loves to play Santa. But, did you know that Christmas carols that are so lovingly sung across the globe have their origin in famous Christmas poems penned by the starry-eyed likes of Martin Luther and Shakespeare? They ideally talk of life, love, and celebration. They inspire, touch, and soothe. Raise a toast to the spirit of peace and harmony as you sing –

Jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way,

Oh what fun it is to ride

In a one-horse open sleigh…

And Win Big All Along the Way at India’s Most Loved Rummy Site!


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