Big Winners in April 2018 at Rummy Passion

Big Winners in April at Rummy Passion

Big Winners in April 2018 at Rummy Passion

For over a decade, the month of April is registered in the history of India for exhilarating and action-packed IPL T-20 cricket. And this year too, April brought with itself some dazzling and outstanding performances for its Indian spectators. When IPL fever was already running high amongst fans, Rummy Passion brought in some ecstasy for fervent rummy players by introducing the Indian Rummy League. And guess what? The Indian Premier League and Indian Rummy League duo made Rummy Passion witness the highest level of participation of all time from its players. Players from all over India latched on the Rummy Passion website to partake in the ‘Predict and Win’ contest that included sumptuous extra vaganzas for its rummy enthusiasts. Not to mention, there were even more exciting offers that made our exuberant and happy players reach cloud nine. Be it Feed Your Wallet, Puthandu Festive Bonus, Play to Win Guaranteed Cashback, Rummy Passion preluded some dazzling promotions in the month of April. So, if you missed the fun this time, no worries! Stay tuned to your favourite rummy portal and log in every day. You never know which splendid sessions and exciting offers might be waiting for you ahead.

Points Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. DavisonDavis 5934
2. Bittubawa 4779
3. ssagi 4554
4. sk9091 3686
5. DRKKS2013 3664

Pool Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. san_hpc 392
3. ssn32286 219
4. guna525252 217
5. devudu 195

Deals Rummy

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. MAHAA 984
2. muthunarasin 633
3. Rambaskar 467
4. nani1122 408
5. sagarneil123 407

Big Jackpot 5K Tournament Winners

Rank 1st Week Player Name 2nd Week Player Name 3rd Week Player Name 4th Week Player Name
1. djkhiladi saravanan432 silversameer Avijit
2. asdw01 balajir2212 selvaa Rram2
3. nayakchinni surya666 Athiya0707 madankanth
4. advika005 gsatyavani26 rnsam krchsreedhar
5. mdsathya Harsh_2008 Edwinappropr Lanka814

Of all Rummy variants, Points Rummy is the much-liked and relished variation of Online Rummy. It is so just because the game finishes very quickly at the tables, is highly entertaining and gives its players some time to relax. While if you want to indulge yourself in some interesting and longer games, then Pool Rummy is the best option to look at Rummy Passion. Deals Rummy is another exciting variation of the Classic rummy game in which players get the leverage to play using a fixed amount of deals. Last, but not the least comes the Tournaments in which players can have interminable fun. For now, we congratulate and appreciate all the passionate rummy players for showing their love for Rummy. Check out the list to know if you made through the winners’ roll or not!


We at Rummy Passion are eager to bring heady entertainment for all our Rummy players. We ensure our vibrant tables are filled with passionate players. So, stay connected with us, as some surprises are waiting ahead of you in May along with some hefty bonuses.


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