Look Who Won at Rummy Passion – Rummy Leaderboard, August 2017

Look Who Won at Rummy Passion - Rummy Leaderboard, August 2017

Look Who Won at Rummy Passion – Rummy Leaderboard, August 2017

August 2017 was a great month for our passionate players exercising their card skills and battling it out for glory. Quite a few new names came up this month and of course some winners from prior months maintained their positions. Our overall objective of reinventing India’s real social network was warmly appreciated by players from all walks of life and that is humbling. Watching the Red Army progressing on every front with a smile is truly inspiring. The past four weeks were mesmerizing as we spiced up things with Independence Day and Onam promotions. This time we are doing things a bit differently – we have categorized the top 5 winners based on different variations of rummy games and we are declaring the overall winners of the month too!

“Rummy, the oldest known card game has no known founder. It derives its practices from ancient sages to today’s Modern World”

Deals Rummy

The game demands deep focus and a no mercy attitude towards fellow table mates. It is about getting all the chips in a predefined number of deals.The one who is able to pull this is the King or Queen of the card jungle.Presenting the top 5 winners in Deals games:

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. suripsg 818
2. sathishkumar 628
3. porush18 536
4. yuva999 414
5. kkkselva 343

Pool Rummy

Nothing makes riding more memorable than winning a marathon battle that includes hundreds of players constantly making and breaking sequences. The variety of card manipulation while keeping up with mathematical terms is not kids play. The match starts by constructing one pure sequence out of a minimum 2 sequences. You’ve got to push all your opponents to cross 101 or 201 points to win this variation. The Internet is today flooded with tons of articles explaning the tricks and strategyfor the game. Participation is way higher than previous weeks and it seems like Indians have accepted pool as their favourite game. Here are the top 5 players with maximum games played in Pool games:

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. Sangeeth 301
2. galreddym 272
3. raja839 180
4. Winwin007 150
5. sravan121 146

Points Rummy

The month of August was all about points game and players were going after it like crazy. Considered to be the best parameter to measure skills, this rummy variation keeps players on their toes. The winner must have minimum points at the end of the game. Apredetermined value assigned to points and that makes everything consistent and exact. Here we present the top 5 winners in Points games:

Rank Player Name Games Played
1. sudha7779 5824
2. raj19 4095
3. vit1987 3980
4. a1b2c3 3825
5. beeram 3083

The best is yet to come and with our players by our side the journey will be more colourful and enjoyable.The lucrative bonuses, tournament sand multilingual support will make your stay with us even more comfortable. And now for the jewels in the crown of India’s most loved online rummy site, Rummy Passion! Here are the top 5 winners for August.

Rank Player Name Amount Won
1. a1b2c3 8768742.57
2. beeram 6057183.44
3. saisai999 5560899.75
4. ponuprav2 3728324.25
5. soujanya 3166653.28

Big Jackpot 5K Tournament Winners

If playing rummy was a car then tournaments would be the wheels and players would be the driver.To test waters, one needs to take a dip. Similarly participating in tournaments will make you a better rummy player. Our previous month’s Big Jackpot 5k tournament was a blockbuster and here are the top 5 winners from August:

Rank Player Name Amount Won
1. dudley 1225
2. durai12345 300
3. pavan1212ap 300
4. anupwasnik 249.99
5. svasu30 249.99

To Sum Up

For us, offering online rummy is not just a game. We want to contribute as much as possible towards providing the finest digital gaming experience to players of India. Register now and be a part of the rummy revolution. Play wisely and soon you could see your own name on one of our winner leaderboards.


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